Kitchen Garden Box

Grow fresh vegetables and family memories

Invest family time in the backyard and inspire fresh healthy meals

The years of early childhood disappear so fast. A vegetable garden provides an opportunity to spend quality time with your family outdoors. The Kitchen Garden Box ® was developed by Kyrstie Barcak, a busy mum, for busy mums. It contains all that you need to get your own family vegetable garden started. Content has been developed with a focus on activities that require a low time commitment.

Family garden time

The Kitchen Garden Box ® has been created for families to enjoy the benefits of growing their own fresh food, with all of the mystery removed.  Easy to follow, seasonally color coded content removes the confusion of what to plant and do when. With a logical, organised layout it is simple to implement.  The Kitchen Garden Box® has been developed to make it easy for busy families to start their own vegetable garden.

  • Growing a vegetable garden is not yet another thing to fit into your week
  • Be inspired by your home grown produce and put a stop to a repetitive family menu
  • Remove the overwhelm from plant choice or lack of knowledge
  • The perfect garden set up is not required. Planting notes provide information on planting in pots
  • Additional support information is provided for one year to add to your resources and experience with the kids

Will you let another year pass by without planting your family vegetable garden?

Kitchen Garden Box

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The Kitchen Garden Box ® is designed to deliver the following:

A complete fresh food experience – from planting and growing to harvesting and cooking

  • Create family time
  • Grow your own organic vegetables and herbs with low time commitment
  • Fun, active, educational activities
  • New family meals inspired by your fresh harvests
  • Address fussy and picky food habits
  • Reduce your number of trips to the store for “top ups”
  • Connect with nature and experience a sense of balance and achievement
  • Bonus content delivered each season via email

Kitchen Garden Box


Kitchen Garden Box ® Features:

  • Made in Australia
  • Organically certified seeds
  • Recipes to inspire you to use your harvests in family meals
  • Tips and information to guide you in the process
  • Garden tags
  • Bonus email support and additional seasonal content and downloads for one year

Customer Feedback:

Jodie R.
“The Kitchen Garden Box was just what I needed to get motivated and get back into the garden after a long winter.  I am so impressed at the quality of the seeds and the recipe cards, there’s even a list of what to do with excess produce and project suggestions for the kids. I am also loving the copper labels – so pretty. This is the first time I have a place for my seeds that is so well organised. I’m happy to say I am now planning where else in the garden I can take over!” August 2015

Supplied by:

Kitchen Garden Box ® is proud to use Birdland Organic Seeds. Open pollinated, certified organic seeds grown in Australia.

Birdland Organic Seeds







Do you have a question? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for the answer. 

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Moira H.
“Now for a novice who doesn’t have the time to energy to research how to put a veggie patch together it’s been wonderful to find all the instructions included in the resources section.
I was thrilled with the variety of seeds supplied and have enjoyed looking at the recipe cards with Miss 10 who is particularly interested in cooking what we grow.
It has promoted outside together time, it has involved the whole family and we are now busy watering our seeds and ready to watch our first harvest begin it’s growth.
I was particularly pleased with how it has become a family adventure with no need for technology as the resource section had all the information required, it has also lead to discussions on how the seasons change and I was even more surprised to find information about why things grow in each season. ” August 2015

Purchase your Kitchen Garden Box ® : $147 plus postage and handling.

Purchase your Kitchen Garden Box ®  now and GROW

Note:Postage within Australia only and not to Western Australia or Tasmania

  • Australian Made
  • Certified Organic Seeds
  • Recycled Card Stock
  • Family friendly
  • Tips and content focused around a low time commitment

The gift of family time and a structured organised approach to seasonal planting is a priceless gift.

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