How to grow herbs across the year in your backyard

Guide to growing herbs

Herbs are one of the easiest…
November 11, 2016/by Kyrstie Barcak
Garden to Plate

A family menu based on what is available from the garden

Menu planning can be a blessing for a busy family. It is…
May 13, 2016/by Kyrstie Barcak
Dehydrator Fruit Leathers

4 Reasons to Buy and Use a Dehydrator

My dehydrator is one of my most used and valued kitchen appliances.…
February 20, 2015/by Kyrstie Barcak

Pureharvest – Partner Announcement


I am very excited to have the opportunity to…
May 23, 2014/by Kyrstie Barcak
Chocolate coated oranges

Chocolate Coated Oranges

Healthy but a little bit naughty. This is more of an idea for…
April 15, 2014/by Kyrstie Barcak
Merry Christmas

Christmas Wishes 2013

This year I had planned to make a little video to say Happy Christmas…
December 23, 2013/by Kyrstie Barcak

Get Outdoors

Planting a School Green Wall

The Get Outdoors, My…
December 13, 2013/by Kyrstie Barcak
Easy Entertaining Planner

Easy Entertaining Planner – Printable

Entertaining Made Easy

Do you get yourself in a spin…
November 26, 2013/by Kyrstie Barcak
Home harvest

13 Tips for Creating Low Cost Family Meals

Our family reverted to a single income at the end of June when…
October 11, 2013/by Kyrstie Barcak
kids cooking dinner

10 Tips to get kids to eat vegetables, without hiding them

I have vegetable loving kids.  Am I just plain lucky?
September 20, 2013/by Kyrstie Barcak
Italian Food Adventure

An Italian Food Adventure

Italy, I am in love! What a stunningly beautiful and awe inspiring…
June 4, 2013/by Kyrstie Barcak

Meals to Cook and Freeze

Holiday Preparation - Stocking the Freezer

In just…
May 7, 2013/by Kyrstie Barcak
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