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Organic Harvest Garden Apron

Unique design, hand made in Australia from organic hemp cotton denim fabric, soft and durable.

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Learn how to grow, how to make the most of your kitchen, and how to use your home grown food in delicious, simple recipes the whole family will enjoy. This book will help you to create efficient systems and spaces for storing, planning and cooking your meals and ultimately get more fresh food into your family’s diet – in less time, with less wastage and stress.

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Hi, my name is Kyrstie!

I help and inspire busy mums to create their own vegetable garden so they can harvest fresh ingredients for family meals.

I am the mum to two beautiful boys – 10 years and 7 years old. We have transformed a neglected suburban backyard into an edible landscape that produces all of our vegetables across the Summer months and ingredients to collect daily across the other seasons of the year.

I’d love to help you start your vegetable garden.

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