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Skipping The Supermarket

Skipping the Supermarkets, Shopping Centers & Chain Stores For One Month

Skipping the Supermarket??????

I am guilty of having gone to the supermarket three times in one day

Today this post is linked to Thankful Thursday at Kate Says Stuff  because I am thankful for:

  • The sharing nature of the blogging community. I wouldn’t have thought about committing to skipping the supermarket.
  • Our region has a variety of local producers who have beautiful quality products. These are proudly supported by the community, and therefore readily available. I am also fortunate enough to have the space at home to grow a wonderful array of fresh produce
  • My training in Aromatherapy

What am I doing ?

I am joining Tricia and her family from an urban family trying to have…Little eco footprints on their challenge to skip supermarkets, shopping malls and chain stores. Tricia is completing the challenge for 1 year!  We will participate for a month to check how Local our lifestyle is. 

I will post an update weekly on how we are progressing and what we have done to replace the products we would normally purchase at the supermarket.


When I started this blog I had an aim to reduce my trips to the supermarket. While I grow as much produce as I can in our garden, life is busy and I am guilty of taking shortcuts and choosing convenience at times. I could do, and want to do, more.

I like to put Cuddles in the stroller and get Punky’s scooter out and head to the local shops, with a visit to the park on the way home for a play.

I like the smile and greeting I receive from my butcher and the laughter that Punky draws as he scoots around the local fruit shop with his mini trolley loading it with fresh produce that takes his fancy.

I enjoy meeting and talking to local producers about their products. I like knowing who grew or made the things I eat. I like asking questions about growing techniques, processes and ingredients. I like that I can return to the person if I have more questions (I usually do..), feedback or a concern., or to tell them how much I love their product.

I was a qualified Aromatherapist some time back, specialising in skin care. I developed a range of  skin care products that I have not made for an unknown time!??? I can’t remember the last time, or even where I have stashed the recipes…  At one time it was my passion, it was what cooking is to me now.

Some days I need a reminder of these things.

We will:

1. Skip the supermarket. We will shop at smaller local suppliers instead or replace products where possible with home made. (This will be fun, I just hope not more expensive!)

2. Not shop at shopping centers (malls).

3. Not shop at any large chain stores. This means no Officeworks, Bunnings, Spotlight, Target, Myer etc.


I will let you know! I will update our progress weekly with a series of tips and activities you can start to do to cut down, or skip, the supermarket. Join in! It will be fun. I want to ditch some of our lazy habits.

Home Grown Fresh Vegies


Areas of concern for me:

Time – I have re-commenced work this week. I imagine that this will place additional strain on my time. With equal amounts of apprehension, fear and relief that I have this challenge to keep me on track and true to my principles.

This challenge will be an interesting test for me to see if it’s success in our home depends on having me available to dedicate time to additional household duties and cooking of items that would otherwise be purchased at the store.

Products I rely on – these will challenge me as my current supplies are used up:

  • Pantry Staples
  • Nappies
  • Sanitary Items
  • Yoghurt

Money – will it be more expensive to shop at smaller retailers and suppliers than larger ones?

I am in awe of Trish and her family for taking on the challenge for one year! There are a number of other people who have taken up the challenge as well. You can check them out here.

How long could you go skipping the supermarket, shopping centers and chain stores? Do you want to join in as well? Read more at an urban family trying to have…Little eco footprints .

Visit Kate Says Stuff to see what others are Thankful for this Thursday and enjoy your day.





A Fresh Legacy 

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{ 12 comments… add one }
  • Tricia March 2, 2012, 8:01 pm

    Love that you are joining us Kyrstie. I have a sneaking suspicion you will enjoy skipping the supermarket so much that you’ll do it for longer than a month 😉

    Re your ‘areas of concern’… I’ve found skipping the supermarket actually saves me time. Now that my pantry is organised, and I’m in a meal planning routine, I spend very little time shopping. I do a bulk pantry dry-goods buy every three months (through a local co-op that buys from Honest to Goodness in Sydney), pop into the greengrocer once or twice a week, and the farmers markets on the weekend. It’s only an hour or so each week at most.

    Regarding Pantry Staples – do you have a local Organic food store or co-op where you can buy in bulk?

    For the nappies and Sanitary items – have you considered switching to reusables? I’m now using a Lunette cup and cloth pads. I love never having to worry about running out.

    And yoghurt – does your local greengrocer or organic food store sell yoghurt? I get yoghurt from the farmers market or greengrocer and also make it myself when I have the time.

    And re Money – we are definitely saving. The supermarkets have tricked us into thinking that they are the cheapest place to shop. Have you read Frugavore by Arabella Forge? She offers heaps of great tip on how to save money and still buy ethical and sustainable food.

    Sorry my comment is so long. I love that you outlines your concerns.

    • Kyrstie March 4, 2012, 12:57 pm

      Thanks Tricia, i am really enjoying investigating the options at the moment. So far so good, I am looking forward to sharing our adventures as we go and I think you my be right that we will probably continue as I am guessing that one month will not be too much of a stretch for us and I would like to give it a good go.
      I will be over on your page soon with some questions 🙂

    • Kyrstie March 20, 2012, 9:48 pm

      Thanks Trish for the inspiration to join in! I am loving the challenge. I am finding it very liberating to be able to ignore the supermarket and it is fun seeking alternatives. I really am enjoying exploring the local region more as we have not been here for very long. The main thing I am having trouble with is staples so far as I have been unable to find a local organic store with a great range or a co-op. Nappies and sanitary items, the jury is still out. Since returning to work I am loathe to add in more washing and labor to my weeks activities with cloth nappies. I have made my own yoghurt and posted about it today, the kids love it! You will know now I am a huge fan of Arabella, she is fabulous and I am working my way through her great book. Thanks for your help! Stay tuned for a month end update 🙂

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