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Mens aftershave lotion

Men's Aftershave Lotion Recipe

This DIY recipe is for the man in your life, just in time for Father's Day, or any old day when you think his skin is looking a little raggedy and old! 

Course skin care
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Author Kyrstie Barcak - A Fresh Legacy


Fat Phase

  • 6 grams Avocado Oil
  • 4 grams Shea Butter
  • 5 grams Cocoa Butter
  • 10 grams Almond Oil
  • 15 grams Emulsifying Wax

Water Phase

  • 230 grams water (boiled and cooled)

Essential Oils

  • 3 drops Roman Chamomile 3% essential oil
  • 1 drop Cypress essential oil
  • 1 drop Sandalwood essential oil
  • 20 drops Rosehip Oil


  1. Measure out the ingredients from the Fat Phase into a bowl (that can be placed over a saucepan of water without the ingredient bowl base touching the water). Set the water in the saucepan to simmer
  2. Allow the fat phase ingredients to melt over a low heat. *They should not be heated above 70 degrees Celsius
  3. Weigh out the water.
  4. Pour the fat phase ingredients into a large Pyrex jug (or similar) Use a stick blender to blend the ingredients, adding the water in a slow steady stream
  5. Continue to blend until the mixture thickens to the consistency of whipped cream
  6. Stir in the essential oils
  7. Pour into steralised jars or containers
  8. Use within a few weeks

Recipe Notes

I generally use jars with a plastic lid that can not be oven steralised. To steralise in boiling water add the jars to a sauce pan of cold water, bring it to a boil and allow to boil for a few minutes. Remove with tongs and place upside down to drain on a clean towel.
Use clean equipment at all times - Use boiling water to rinse any spoons and the blender prior to using
All measurements are in GRAMS not in mls (including all liquids).