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My Patch - My Thanks

Thankful for the year 2011 This post is linked to Thankful Thursday…

My Patch - What is happening?

My Patch Update This week I have made a lot of progress.  I…

Grow vegetables without a vegetable patch

Ideas for growing vegies at home   I know that this is…
AFL Chook

My Patch - Essential Garden Record Journal

Keeping Track Of Your Vegie Garden   On My Mind the…

My Patch - Salad Week

This week My Patch is progressing so well, it gives me such a…
spinach dip

5 Ways With Spinach

5 Spinach Recipes If you have been following my posts you will…

My Patch - Summer Loving

This week in My Patch we have been busy doing some general monitoring…

My Patch - Spinach, Artichokes and Leeks

It has been three weeks since I planted the majority of the vegetables…

Eat from your garden three times a week-My Patch

I love a project!  I usually have a few going at any given time. …