Allergy friendly hot cross buns

Gluten free, dairy free, egg free Easter buns Watching my…
Christmas dinner

How to make the dietary issues of guests easy to cater for

Have you felt that sense of dread, confusion or momentary…
sausage rolls no pastry

How to make sausage rolls without pastry

Pastry-based meals have filled numerous years worth of school…
SIBO berry cake recipe you can eat

The cake you can make and eat when you have SIBO

You can eat cake! Watching butter melt on a slice of cake…
Pulled pork recipe

Pulled Pork Recipe

This recipe is perfect for entertaining. It takes a while…

Christmas madness is relieved with quick easy dinners

Busy weeknight dinners are made easy with spices Can you…
grain free biscuits

Simple, healthy, grain free recipe inspiration

Coconut Banana Biscuits   When I tasted these biscuits…
Karen Martini

Fail-Safe Spinach and Ricotta Hotcakes

Karen Martini's Ricotta Hotcake Recipe   **This giveaway…
Garden to Plate

A family menu based on what is available from the garden

Menu planning can be a blessing for a busy family. It is…
apple feijoa cake recipe

Autumn apple and feijoa cake recipe

Last weekend I collected kilos of apples (I am not sure exactly…
Cocao Fig Easter Cake

How to make a Fig and Cocao Brownie Cake for Easter

Fig and Cocao Easter Cake Refined sugar free It can be…
Apricot Loaf Recipe

Apricot Loaf Recipe

I look forward to summer for the stone-fruit and berries being…
Easy family meal baked rice with pork and vegetables

One pot family meal with rice, pork and vegetables

Summer, or winter? This year the weather is swinging between…
Rhubarb Blueberry Crumble

Rhubarb Blueberry Crumble

We have a wonderful supply of rhubarb in the vegetable garden…
Make Chocolate at home

Make Chocolate at Home

It is not difficult to make chocolate from scratch at home.…