autumn seeds

The autumn vegetables I'm growing in my backyard this year

At this time of month, each month for the past few years,…
fresh tomatoes from the garden

How do I know what to plant after tomatoes

Autumn vegetable garden preparation Succession planting can…
Insect shelter

How to grow a garden that encourages beneficial insects

There is a growing trend in Australia to sources organic…
Winter vegetable polenta recipe

Baked Vegetables with Polenta

  Wonderfully simple baked vegetables served on a…
autumn leaf

The Vegetable Garden Transition from Autumn to Winter

Garden Share Collective May 2016   The end of autumn…
kale pest control

How to protect plants from white cabbage moth

Protect your vegetables from cabbage moth   Many people…
Insect Hotel

Encourage beneficial insects in the garden with a bug hotel

In the past year I have focused on incorporating more beneficial…
pressure cooker rice pudding recipe

Pressure cooker rhubarb and apple rice pudding

The rhubarb in our garden was beginning to "call out" to…

Family friendly chicken and kale cannelloni recipe

Chicken and Kale Cannelloni   Do you have a fall-back…
beetroot seedlings

Planting a Winter Vegetable Garden

This weekend I removed the last of my summer vegetables from…
Kale in cloche

Share your autumn garden

Garden Share Collective - April 2016 The last Monday of the…
apple feijoa cake recipe

Autumn apple and feijoa cake recipe

Last weekend I collected kilos of apples (I am not sure exactly…
quick bok choy farro recipe

Quick and Healthy Bok Choy and Farro Recipe

We have just finished two weeks of school holidays and a…