When to plant seeds for a new season

Growing from seed is my preferred method of growing vegetables…
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Family Chicken Burger Recipe

Healthy Chicken Burgers These burgers are frequently on…
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Vegetables anyone can grow

4 easy to grow greens These easy to grow greens are ready for…
A Fresh Legacy

5 Tips for Autumn vegetable gardening

Do these 5 things to ensure you get to ensure Autumn harvests from the vegetable garden. Find out what to plant now and prepare for winter planting.
seasonal vegetable and chicken skewers

Healthy spiced chicken and seasonal vegetable skewers

These family friendly skewers are perfect for a quick dinner,…
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Healthy dairy free cucumber tzatziki dip the kids will love

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How to know when to remove Summer vegetables from your garden

Are the plants in your Summer vegetable garden ready to be removed? …
vegetable garden watering tips

How to water your vegetable garden for best results

Follow these simple watering tips for a productive Summer…

Japanese Inspired Beef Curry

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Japanese cooking class…
Autumn vegetable fritters

Vegetable fritters with garden pesto

Autumn vegetable harvest recipe These vegetable fritters…
vegetable garden care

How to care for your vegetable garden after it is planted

When you first plant a vegetable garden, the time, effort…
Fresh garden herbs

Vegetables and herbs you can grow all year

There are many vegetables and herbs that can be grown all…
garden to plate

How to know when your vegetables are ready to harvest

One of the questions I am often asked by my customers after…
seed germination

How to decide if seeds are best raised indoors or direct in the garden?

Some of the most often asked questions by Kitchen Garden…
Ancho pumpkin chilli bake recipe

Ancho Chilli Pumpkin Recipe

This recipe is one of many that have evolved over the past…