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Set up a Cook's Pantry

Hello! Thank you for taking the Cook’s Pantry Audit I am pleased to see you here.

These are the four elements to set up an organised and well stocked pantry.  An organised and well stocked pantry will provide you with the ability to:

  • Save money by maintaining a basic set of ingredients
    • Reduces shopping/supermarket trips
    • Buy your pantry staples in bulk, or on sale
  • Be more creative with the meals that you create
    • Use an ingredient on hand rather than heading to the shops
  • Ensures that you can always put a meal on the table
    • Include a wide variety of ingredients such as herbs and spices that can be to partnered with staples such as grains, pasta and flours
    • Allows for flexible meal planning when you are unprepared or an event changes your plans

1. Correct Storage

  • Food kept in the pantry should be organised so that the same types of items are kept together – eg: nuts or types of flour. This makes it very easy to locate when required
  • Keep all open packets stored in airtight containers or jars that are labelled
  • Rotate food – this means do not fill and already half full container. Wait until it is empty or remove the current contents, fill the container and then add back what you had prior to restocking.

2. Have a set of 10 (or more) items that you commonly use

  • Have these items on hand in the pantry always
    • You can find my complete pantry list below with the top 10 items featuring a green *
  • Stock your pantry so that you are in a position to be able to make at least 3 meals per week from the pantry if required
    • This comes in handy if plans change, if you are late from work with no time to grocery shop, or if you are ill

3. Have a Re-Stocking Method

  • Be aware of your most used items eg: Top 10
  • Always keep a spare/extra one on hand so that you never run out. When you take the spare out to use that is the time to restock
  • Add it to your shopping list immediately

4. Clean every 6 months

  • Remove all items from the pantry every six months.
    • This allows you to re-organise any items that have made their way to an odd place in the pantry.
  • Check dates on any packages
  • Consolidate containers if you find multiple containers of the same thing
  • Wipe down shelves with a damp cloth, dipped in water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil

Find my complete pantry list below to stock your newly organised pantry. Select the image below and then “save as” to save a copy for yourself.

Complete Pantry List Download

Open the file by either selecting the image above or click HERE for your copy then select “save as”

Is there anything that you always keep in your pantry that I have left off the list?


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