Small Space Garden Kit

Dreaming of having your own vegetable garden ?


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Do you want to be able to collect fresh ingredients at home for your meals rather than having to head out to the shops after a long long day at work?

You really do not need a big backyard to be able to able to harvest your own fresh herbs and vegetables to add to your meals. You can grow them in a pot, or container.  Growing fresh herbs and vegetables is not an exclusive activity only suited to a large backyard.

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Stop dreaming. You can grow your own.

Grow your own vegetables and herbs in a small space, in pots or on a balcony.

The Small Space Garden Kitis a growing solution tailored to help those with a small area to use.

Small Space Garden Kit

Tailored for a small space or growing in pots

One of the things I have learned from talking to my customers over the past few years is that getting a vegetable garden started can be overwhelming. You need to work out what to plant, where you will grow the plants,  decide what soil to get, choose the seeds or plants for the right season, climate area and then also know how to care for them. It sounds like many things to considers when you write them all down but in reality it is not too tricky. All of these things are covered in the Small Space Garden Kit.

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The Small Space Garden Kit has been designed to remove any guess work in this start up phase. All that you will need is included in your Box and it is delivered to your door.

Note: You will need some dirt and pots and your growing space requires sun during the day, the more the better.  The information cards will assist you select the dirt and pots. The sun you need to work out.

The Small Space Garden Kit contains certified organic seeds and growing notes for each of them. They are organised by season and all included seeds can be grown in pots, containers or on a balcony. The included information cards outline all you need to know to grow herbs and vegetables in a small space.

There are enough seeds in the Small Space Garden Kit to get you started and growing, some will take you through a couple of years. This will help you to see what works best for you and your circumstances.
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Add fresh ingredients to your meals

There are many health and lifestyle benefits of growing your own herbs and vegetables.  Growing in pots or containers is a great way to keep them close to the kitchen for quick and easy access.


Herbs as a source of dietary nutrients are easy to overlook, especially if those herbs are a soggy mess in the bottom of your fridge crisper. Grow your own and you can add a fresh burst of flavour and nutrients to your meals. Fresh herbs contain a range of antioxidants and vitamins. For example, basil is a great source of vitamins A, K and C and is also a good source of manganese, iron and  copper.*

Get started today:

The complete contents of the Small Space Garden Kit are listed here.

Small Space Garden Kit Contents

Get your Small Space Growing Kit and start to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables, no more soggy herbs in the bottom of the fridge! Growing is made simple.  Get yours here.