An abundance of freshly harvested, home grown produce

Do you want to know my secret??

Autumn garden harvest
I can tell you that there is no secret, it is a simple thing – I have spent time learning about MY garden space and how it performs each season. With my practical tips, guide and journal you can do the same.
Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own: Your Guide To Grow Fresh is a simple, practical guide to help you to get the most from YOUR vegetable garden if you already have one, or to start one that suits your family. It shares my approach to growing vegetables in the family backyard and includes many of the practical tips and lessons that I have learned over the past few years.  Easy to following growing guides and care tips will assist you to get started and to learn how your garden functions, what works and what does not. THAT is the key to a productive garden.

Use the included Garden Journal to assist you learn how to get the most from your growing space.

It does not matter if  you have a balcony garden, a container garden, a large or small backyard. It is how much you understand and learn about that space and the conditions that govern it that will make a difference to what and how much you harvest. Grow your Own e-book can assist with that.

You can create a productive space that will:

  • Help you to begin harvesting your own fresh food to add to family meals
  • Reduce your family food bills and trips to the supermarket, or store
  • Obtain continuous inspiration to create fresh family meals
  • Eat organic seasonal produce – fresh and at it’s nutritional best
  • Grow heirloom, non gmo produce and unusual varieties
  • Learn to waste less by utilising what you have available from the garden
  • Include your children in the activities

People are saying:

I love that the book provides a seasonal gardening guide; real, practical information that can be used “garden-side”. Very easy to read also“. Emily T

Loved the format, it was easy to read which made locating specific information quick and effortless.” Anon.

The diary explanations, examples and print outs…such a great idea and a great way to be organised and productive.” Monique

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Grow Fresh Garden Journal

Included value:

Here is a little preview of some of the content of Grow your Own – Your guide to Grow Fresh:
  • Seasonal planting guides
  • Seasonal garden activities
  • Tomato growing guides
  • Essential gardening tools
  • How much to plant for a family
  • Small space garden inspiration
  • Composting, plant and soil basics
  • Natural pest control tips
  • Herb Growing Guide
  • Seasonal Garden Journal

plus much much more….

Content Sample Grow Your Own

Buy Now - Grow Fresh ebook

 If you would like to:
  • Have access to a range of gardening tips and practical information
  • Start a vegetable garden
  • Have a more productive vegetable garden
  • Monitor and track the progress of your garden
  • Create and work with an organised planting plan for each season
  • Know how to begin
Purchase via Paypal and download your copy immediately and head outside. This ebook is available as a handy PDF format.   It may be printed or saved to your computer so that you can start to Grow Fresh today.
No Paypal account? No problem.E-mail me for direct (bank) deposit details.


A Seasonal Garden Journal is included in the book.
Record what you have planted, the variety, and how many.
This is a simple, but powerful tool to allow you to become an expert in YOUR garden. Understand your growing space and you will be able to get the most from your vegetable garden, or growing space.
The Journal includes space to:
  • Sketch out a planting plan of your garden
  • Record notes such as rotation and planting information
  • Notate pests and issues encountered, steps taken and the results
  • Record harvest information
  • Create reminders for next year

Save a blank copy of the journal to allow you to create a version of the Journal to use year after year. Compare your notes, the things you have learnt, your garden’s progress and harvests.

Grow Fresh Vegetable Garden Journal Example
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