How to Make Yoghurt at Home
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Make your own yogurt at home. Smooth and creamy, add your own choice of flavors when you serve.
Recipe type: Dessert; Snack
  • 3.75 liters of full cream milk - I used Un-homogenized Jonesy's milk
  • 200grams of yoghurt to act as a starter.
  1. Pour the milk into a large saucepan or stock pot
  2. Heat the milk slowly to 185-190 degrees Fahrenheit (F) (85-90 degrees Celsius (C)). Do not heat quickly or the milk will burn on the bottom of the pan. This takes approximately 20 minutes
  3. Stir occasionally & monitor the temperature via the thermometer
  4. As the temperature nears 185-190 degrees F fill the kitchen sink ½ full with cold water
  5. When the milk reaches 185-190 degrees F remove the pan from the heat and sit it in the cold water of the sink and allow the temperature to drop to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees C)
  6. As the temperature of the milk is dropping in the cold water fill the second sauce pan with 3.75 liters of water and heat it to 120 degrees F
  7. When the milk drops to 120 degrees F add the yoghurt and whisk so that it is evenly distributed
  8. Check the temperature of the water in the second pot has reached 120 degrees F and pour it into the esky and close the lid
  9. Work quickly. Dip a pouring jug into the yogurt or ladle and add the milk to the jars. Leave space at the top or the jar if you intend to add fruit prior to eating
  10. Add the filled containers and jars to the esky close the lid and place in a location that will be undisturbed and draft free for 7 hours
  11. At the end of the 7 hours the milk should have set to the degree that it is not a runny liquid but starting to solidify
  12. Remove the jars from the esky and refrigerate overnight
  13. The yoghurt should be set in the morning
Dannon Brand yoghurt was recommended by Frugal Girl and a number of other recipes as a good starter yoghurt. I have used various good quality organic yogurts and they all work well. Try to remember to save some yogurt from your previous batch to use as the starter in the next batch.
I have left the yogurt in the esky overnight by mistake and it resulted in a thicker yogurt. Makes approximately 3 liters. Recommended usage within a few weeks.
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