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    Free 4 day Winter Challenge to help you finally start to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables.

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Grow Just One Thing

4 day Winter challenge

Begin to grow fresh food at home.

Have you have been thinking of starting a vegetable garden at home? Hosted by Kyrstie Barcak, author and garden coach.  You will be guided by a daily task delivered to your inbox to help you begin to successfully grow fresh, healthy meal ingredients.

Starts Monday 1 June 2020. It costs nothing to join in, just a few minutes each day for 4 days.

Daily email guidance and resources for success are provided.

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Grow fresh food at home

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Grow Just One Thing – The first step in a fresh food journey

Do you think it’s possible to grow just one thing and change your life? It was for my family. For me it set the ball rolling, sparking a desire to grow more, waste less. This simple activity changed the way my family sources, prepares, plans and enjoys our meals. It can do the same for your family.

It all comes from the momentum gained from getting started and growing just one thing.

Do you have some questions? Check out the list of materials you will need and the Frequently Asked Questions here.

Grow Fresh

Learn what to grow this season. It takes less time than you think. Be guided over 4 days and take the first step in spending less at the shops on groceries.

Cook Fresh

Grow your own fresh organic meal ingredients. Enjoy seasonal food, free from chemical residue.

Be inspired to create seasonal recipes using your garden harvests. Do not under-estimate what you can do with one fresh ingredient. Add a fresh burst of flavour and nutrients to your meals.

Teach the kids

Enjoy a fun, educational family-based activity outside. Participation in growing fresh food encourages your children to learn about their environment, seasonality, responsibility and patience.

Caring for a vegetable is the the first step towards tasting it. Growing fresh food is a way to engage each of the 5 senses. Children who grow vegetables are more likely to be willing to try them in their meals. While the plant has grown they have already touched, smelt, listened and watched it. They are waiting to taste it.

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Past participants said…

“Easy instructions and helpful information!”

“It gave us a date to start (re-start!!) planting again. I told our kids about it, so they’ve been excitedly waiting to hear each day’s email (leaves no me with no excuses to put it off!!)”

“I liked the encouragement and practical tips”