Grow Fresh

Planting, growing and harvesting my vegetable & herb garden

holiday home garden

The best vegetables and herbs to grow at a holiday house

Select and plant the following range of herbs and vegetables…
June 6, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak

How to keep the gardening urge alive when the weather is cold

Winter can be a challenging season to keep the gardening…
May 19, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak
Grow veggies at kindergarten

How to avoid the common mistakes made in kindergarten vegetable gardens

Grow a productive kindergarten vegetable garden

A recurring…
May 2, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak
wooden planter box

How to choose containers for growing vegetables

Select containers for vegetable growing success

March 31, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak
Spinach freshly harvested

Second on the Dirty Dozen list, learn how to grow spinach at home

Grow Spinach

The 2017 Dirty Dozen list has been published…
March 24, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak
worm farm set up

Reduce waste in the family home with a worm farm

A number of years ago when my eldest son was in kinder we…
March 7, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak
autumn seeds

The autumn vegetables I’m growing in my backyard this year

At this time of month, each month for the past few years,…
February 28, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak
fresh tomatoes from the garden

How do I know what to plant after tomatoes

Autumn vegetable garden preparation
Succession planting can…
February 21, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak
Insect shelter

How to grow a garden that encourages beneficial insects

There is a growing trend in Australia to sources organic…
February 7, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak

An edible garden is enhanced by the addition of herbs

Fresh herbs increase garden harvests

Across the last 2 years…
January 30, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak
garden harvest for dinner

Harvest more from your garden without investing more time

Tips for a busy mum's vegetable garden

A productive vegetable…
January 17, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak
easy to grow vegetables

How to plan and create a low care vegetable garden

With very little time or skill you CAN have a productive…
December 20, 2016/by Kyrstie Barcak
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