Grow Fresh

Planting, growing and harvesting my vegetable & herb garden

The easiest way to skip the supermarket

I am currently trying to avoid going to the shops as much…
August 10, 2020/by Kyrstie Barcak

When to plant seeds for a new season

Growing from seed is my preferred method of growing vegetables…
May 13, 2020/by Kyrstie Barcak
Red Vein Sorrel

Vegetables anyone can grow

4 easy to grow greens
These easy to grow greens are ready for…
May 1, 2020/by Kyrstie Barcak

5 Tips for Autumn vegetable gardening

Do these 5 things to ensure you get to ensure Autumn harvests from the vegetable garden. Find out what to plant now and prepare for winter planting.
April 27, 2020/by Kyrstie Barcak
End of summer beans

How to know when to remove Summer vegetables from your garden

Are the plants in your Summer vegetable garden ready to be removed? …
February 17, 2019/by Kyrstie Barcak
vegetable garden watering tips

How to water your vegetable garden for best results

Follow these simple watering tips for a productive Summer…
January 31, 2019/by Kyrstie Barcak

Keep your vegetable garden tools on hand at all times

New vegetable garden harvest apron

I am excited to show…
November 29, 2018/by Kyrstie Barcak
backyard fruit tree netting frame

How to set up fruit tree netting with no help

When your fruit trees commence production of enough fruit…
November 19, 2018/by Kyrstie Barcak
grow tomatoes in containers

How to successfully grow tomatoes in containers

Simple steps to grow tomatoes in a small space

If you have…
November 9, 2018/by Kyrstie Barcak
Gardening with an injury

Simple vegetable gardening activities to do when injured

(Photo credit: Olga Yastremska)
A run of bad luck, followed…
August 6, 2018/by Kyrstie Barcak

Allergy friendly hot cross buns

Gluten free, dairy free, egg free Easter buns

Watching my…
March 19, 2018/by Kyrstie Barcak
vegetable garden care

How to care for your vegetable garden after it is planted

When you first plant a vegetable garden, the time, effort…
February 20, 2018/by Kyrstie Barcak
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