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Healthy seasonal baked capsicum recipe

Tomato and Herb Stuffed Capsicum   Autumn is a great period for adding capsicum (peppers) and eggplant to the menu. They never seem to be quite ready in summer with the tomatoes, zucchini and cucumber but as those plants fade they hit their stride. We have had a lovely supply of capsicum at the moment. Last […]

Baked capsicum dip with paprika and macadamia nuts

Autumn is a great time to continue enjoying the last of the summer produce. Eggplant and capsicum usually continue fruiting in my garden well into autumn making a great addition to meals as the weather cools and you have had your fill of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini and salad greens. I love that the Autumn produce commences at […]

How to choose containers for growing vegetables

Select containers for vegetable growing success Choosing the most suitable container or pot to grow your vegetables and herbs will influence their growth, particularly if you live in a tropical region of Australia. Materials have varying levels of water and heat retention properties. I have said on many occasions that you can grow fresh food in […]

Second on the Dirty Dozen list, learn how to grow spinach at home

Grow Spinach The 2017 Dirty Dozen list has been published and spinach is listed 2nd. On average it had twice as much pesticide residue by weight than any other crop. Spinach tested positive for a number of different pesticide residues and contained higher concentrations of pesticides than other produce.  Frightening results!  It consistently tested high levels […]

Easter lunch box treat that is allergy free

Chocolate Fig and Apple Slice This allergy-friendly vegan slice has saved me from getting stressed about Easter this year. Late last year my son was diagnosed as intolerant to dairy, egg and gluten. Since then my cooking skills have been stretched to the limit. Rather than doing separate baking for my children, they both get […]

How do I know what to plant after tomatoes

Autumn vegetable garden preparation Succession planting can be confusing for many people, or alternatively completely overlooked. I tend to have a pretty casual approach to it but as my garden ages and my planting increases it is something I know requires more of my attention and better planning to avoid soil issues and to ensure […]

How to make a sweet sugar free tomato sauce

Baked fresh tomato sauce recipe Our summer vegetable garden has been so painfully slow to start this year. Finally this week the tomato “tap” have been turned on and we are beginning to collect a tub of fresh colourful tomatoes each day. Thank goodness! Each year (in summer) I make a few batches of my famous […]

A recipe from a potato salad disaster

Potato fritter recipe This recipe is an example of what can happen when meal preparation goes wrong. I was making my famous potato salad to serve as a side dish for dinner while I was doing something, or lots of other things. I can’t recall what those things were but I completely forgot about the […]

Summer Baked Meatballs

At this time of year when the vegetable garden is most productive almost all meals include zucchini. They are prolific producers and I usually collect at least one per day, sometimes many more.  In order to take full advantage of this bounty they go in every meal and this one is no exception. I also […]

How to grow a garden that encourages beneficial insects

There is a growing trend in Australia to sources organic food, and local food. This trend, in an  industry that is valued at $1.72 billion dollars is growing by over 15% each year.* Once of the best ways to grow your vegetables organically is to ensure that there is a diverse range of insects to […]

Recipe for fresh green beans from the vegetable garden

Blue Lake Beans are one of the certified organic beans in the Kitchen Garden Box ®. They went into the garden at the start of summer and are wonderfully lush in the garden. I have just planted a second small number of seeds to have another flush before summer ends. This variety is wonderfully productive. […]