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Quick Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry

Christmas Preparation and Quick Meals     December has arrived! This is such a busy month for everyone with Christmas preparation, events with family, friends and work.  At the start of the month it is a little overwhelming to think of everything that needs to happen – on top of the regular activities. Arrghh I […]

My Patch – Spinach, Artichokes and Leeks

It has been three weeks since I planted the majority of the vegetables in my three patches for Summer crops.  So far, so good.  I have set myself a project to collect produce from my garden to use in meals three times a week. This is the progress of My Patch: Patch 1 I have […]

French Toast – weekend breakfast

When I was a girl I loved to make French Toast with my dad on the weekend.  My boys love it for their weekend breakfast. My (almost) 4 year old son, Punky, loves to make it with me.  He has just learned to crack an egg, he does the whisking and also slides the cooked toast […]

Traditional Steak, Vegetable & Guinness Pie

This wholesome pie has a lovely rich thick sauce.  It is adapted from Jamie Olivers recipe in his book Happy Days with the Naked Chef.  I have added as many vegetables as possible to this pie.   The vegetables I use depends on what’s in the garden, or in season at the time.  The word […]

Summer Salad – Marinated Lamb

This salad is a perfect entertaining option as well as a gorgeous family meal.   It is our favorite salad, it is almost impossible to leave any on the plate. I made this glorious salad for dinner last night and realised that it was on here with a picture from 2011 attached to it. It […]

How to make easy Citrus Marmalade

Sunday is a good day for me to get busy in the kitchen as Mr Fresh generally does fun dad-and-son activities with Punky. Cuddles is currently having long afternoon naps so that leaves me free to get organised for the week ahead and to cook. This week I made Citrus Marmalade.  My sister-in-law has a grapefruit […]

Roast Chicken in a Bag

Marinated Roast Chicken – cooked in a bag   Chicken, radishes and strawberries, not eaten together, but together as childhood memories. Food memories are powerful things, they have the ability to transport you back in time. As a child I recall visiting my Grandma’s home for a roast dinner.  While waiting for dinner I was […]