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Refreshing Fruit Tea

A refreshing drink for summer. We are taking this jug to Punky’s Mother’s Group Christmas Party this morning. It is made with 2 organic Rosehip Tea Bags made into 500ml tea 1 litre of lemon mineral water mint leaves 1/2 cup each of blueberries and raspberries Ice cubes This post is linked to My Little […]

Spinach Uglies-Spinach Gnocchi

A Recipe Made With Home Grown Spinach   The name of this dish definitely does not match the taste.  It is not a very attractive looking dish but it is light, fresh, tangy and extremely moreish. I originally tried a Stephanie Alexander recipe for Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi.  It was delicious.  I have progressively changed the recipe […]

Chocolate Christmas Tree

I was inspired to make this Chocolate Christmas Tree as a decoration for the table on Christmas Day yesterday.  They also make a great last minute Christmas gift or dessert.  We went to Christmas party yesterday. Due to bad weather the venue was changed to a friend’s home, instead of the park as planned.  Her […]

Icy Fruit Blocks

How To Make Fresh Fruit Frozen Treats   As a child growing up in country Victoria, summer was HOT.   Summer to me as a child meant Christmas holidays, skiing on the river, camping, playing with friends until late out the front of our house, visitors, and frozen fruit drinks.  To keep us cool, my […]

3 Dips-Guaranteed Delicious

Fresh Home Made Dips – Easy to Make     One of the Things I Know is that Christmas at our place focuses on catching up with family and friends, eating, drinking and entertaining (the kids entertain us).  We recently moved to a location that is a day trip from the city for our friends […]

Fresh Tomato Salad

Tomato, Leek & Artichoke Combine in this Fresh Salad     This is a salad I created to make use of some lovely fresh tomatoes we purchased on a trip to the Victoria Market on the weekend and some baby leeks and artichokes from My Patch.  I have a cooking rule- if I did not […]

My Patch – Salad Week

This week My Patch is progressing so well, it gives me such a great sense of satisfaction and achievement to see it growing so well.  I have managed to find some extra space to plant some beans. I hope that I do not end up with overcrowded patches.  For the benefit of any new readers, […]

Christmas Pecan Pie

On Friday night I attended my first Blogging event.  It was an event hosted by Community Blogging, a group of bloggers who work together to support not for profit organisations in the community.  The first event was a Christmas catch up featuring two local community organisations –  St Kilda Mums and Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. […]

Christmas Cinnamon, Orange Butter Cookies

Small children make for a magical time over the Christmas period, if not all the time!  Three years ago we had our first Christmas with Punky who is now almost 4 years old.  Punky wowed us and gave us an unforgettable first Christmas by walking on the day.  He had been working his way toward […]

5 Ways With Spinach

5 Spinach Recipes If you have been following my posts you will be aware that I have a lot of spinach in my vegetable garden at the moment.  This is not an issue for me as I love it and so does my family.  It is an incredibly versatile vegetable and I wouldn’t be without […]

My Patch – Summer Loving

This week in My Patch we have been busy doing some general monitoring and loving.  It is the growing season so this week I did the following: Fertilized with Organic Lifter  Pellets Trimmed back strong, fast growing plants Mulched with Sugar Cane Mulch. This time of year the vegetable garden is in it’s prime growing […]

Fresh Sushi Rolls

Home Made Sushi   My family loves sushi, it is a great summer food with it’s fresh clean taste, it is light and healthy, fun to make, and the kids love it.  Even Cuddles (1o months old) loves sushi! He tried his first roll yesterday. I made this batch for a picnic in the park, […]

Spinach and Ricotta Triangles

December is a crazy month.  It is super busy and the evening routine with the children is often disrupted by a party, visitors or activity.  That means tired and cranky kids, and if unprepared leads to a stressful frenzy of activity to get them fed and into bed. My solution to this is to be […]