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Look In My Pantry

I prefer to use home grown, or additive free ingredients Christmas has come and gone, the last of our visitors left this week and we are attempting to get back into a normal routine.  The Melbourne weather extremes of hot then cold have created some havoc in my garden, Christmas, entertaining visitors and the birthday […]

Zucchini and Pumpkin Risotto

I have a large number of zucchini recipes (in addition to lots of Spinach recipes) up my sleeve. Last year we had so many zucchini’s I got sick of eating them in every meal we had.  I have just picked my first one for the year and this is what I used it in.  An easy vegetarian […]

Chickens (new) Home To Roost

Backyard Chickens Welcome home Henny & Penny! Meet the newest additions to our backyard.  We collected the girls last week and they are settling in nicely – despite all of the petting that “Punky” is attempting.  They have had a couple of name changes over the week and I do have a sneaky suspicion that one if […]

Cuddles is 1 year old

Organising a First Birthday Party My little baby turned 1 year old yesterday.  His first year has gone by so fast. I wish I could stop time and enjoy this stage of his development and of our family dynamics. It has been a great year. He is at such a gorgeous stage I want to […]

Mini Hamburgers-Sliders

Sliders     These are perfect for entertaining a crowd as they can be assembled by the guests with the ingredients they enjoy.  I made them for Cuddles first birthday party.  They are fuss free and the children love them. This is the recipe my mum taught me for hamburgers.  It is the same recipe […]


Home Made Pizza   One of the things I have discoveredfrom working in Human Resources is that people are generally willing to go along with any plan if they can participate and provide some input to the outcomes. I have found this applies to children also. Getting them involved in the kitchen ensures that they are […]

A leaf from my garden

My 2012 Inspiration   These things mean everything to me, these are the things I love and that motivate me. These are the things I write about.   This has been put on the wall of my office to keep me motivated and on track this year.   What inspires you? I would love to […]

My Patch – My Thanks

Thankful for the year 2011 This post is linked to Thankful Thursday – hosted by Kate Says Stuff. Find the link at the end of this post and be sure to visit. As it is the final one for the year I am sure there will be some lovely posts. I have so much to […]

Onion and Chilli Chutney

A recipe using home grown onions     About one month ago in  My Patch I picked my crop of red onions and garlic. They were a part of my winter garden, along with a large amount of leek seeds, these are still growing.   Harvesting Onions Onions are ready to pick when the stems fall […]

My Patch – What is happening?

My Patch Update This week I have made a lot of progress.  I have some new plans for projects next year and am excited to have a local nursery who will help me with any queries I have about any problems I come across in the garden.  I have been scheduled to write a guest […]

Santa’s Midnight Snack

This week we have been planning Santa’s Christmas Eve snack and Punky (nearly 4 years) has just drawn a gorgeous picture he would like to leave out for Santa.  His cousin arrives from New Zealand today so we thought we would do Santa’s note early, before things get too crazy. Last year was the first […]

Grow vegetables without a vegetable patch

Ideas for growing vegies at home   I know that this is a busy this week! Besides planning for Christmas and more visitors arriving today, I know that you can grow vegetables without a vegetable patch.   Where do your veggies grow? One of the Things I Know is that you do not need to have […]