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Ancho Chilli Pumpkin Recipe

This recipe is one of many that have evolved over the past five years based on what the garden has provided. It is made from a large percentage of vegetables harvested from our garden, some from summer. Pumpkins require curing in the sun after harvest so the skin hardens and storage time is increased. I […]

Why is the area a vegetable is planted important?

What is the key to growing with success in a vegetable garden? Winter in my vegetable garden this year is forcing me to review my documentation habits. After growing in the same garden beds for five years I need to make some modifications to my planting practices. My desire is always to grow more. This […]

Healthy congee-inspired recipe the family will love

This recipe was inspired by a congee breakfast recipe I saw in the June 2017 edition of Gourmet Traveller magazine. I loved the look and sound of the recipe so much I trialed it for dinner and then adapted it to suit what I had on hand, to include more vegetables and some additional depth […]

How to make healthy breakfast pancakes with no eggs

Egg and grain free dietary requirements makes breakfast time tricky, especially if you are transitioning to this as a dietary requirement. A SIBO diagnosis and and an egg intolerance means the options for a baked breakfast are very limited.  This recipe is healthy and easy to make. I have been making it on the mornings I have […]

The best vegetables and herbs to grow at a holiday house

Select and plant the following range of herbs and vegetables and enjoy the harvests when you visit. A holiday house vegetable garden can provide fresh ingredients for meals. This reduces the need to go to the shops as part of your settling-in period when you arrive, and less to pack and take with you from home.  If you […]

Apricot delight slice nut and gluten free

I have a habit of collecting and storing food each season when it is at it’s peak. This may sound weird but I have a reason for squirreling this food away. A few years ago my parents got us a dehydrator and I adore it. If you are considering getting one I wrote about how […]

Rich Winter Beef Casserole Recipe

It’s not quite winter yet, I know but I am getting back into the swing of setting the dinner to cook early in the day so that it is ready for later on. This meal can be made in a slow cooker (using less liquid) or on the stove top as I did. A few […]

How to keep the gardening urge alive when the weather is cold

Winter can be a challenging season to keep the gardening motivation flowing. It seems the pests are worse and the growth slower but in reality it has similar challenges to the other seasons. As the seasons change the abundance of summer produce is followed by a period of clearing the garden and a new beginning with […]

How to avoid the common mistakes made in kindergarten vegetable gardens

Grow a productive kindergarten vegetable garden A recurring set of issues are experienced by kindergartens, preschools and childcare centers with non productive vegetable gardens. These prevent the center from achieving success and providing a valid and engaging learning experience for the children. This common set of mistakes have either stalled the growing experience or prevented them from starting. […]