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Spring Baked Gnocchi

Asparagus and pea gnocchi A new recipe has been a little while in the making, sorry! I have been heavily focused on the vegetable garden and it’s preparation for Summer. This recipe is inspired by the wonderful Spring produce and is my favourite type of weekday dinner – quick, healthy and full of fresh ingredients. […]

What to do now in the vegetable garden

Summer vegetable garden preparation (Image: Vision House Photography) October is slides into November the craziness in the lead up to the festive season and end of year activities makes now a good time to sort out the vegetable garden. A small amount of preparation now will see your garden on auto-pilot, growing happily and working […]

What is the best mulch for a vegetable garden?

A comparison of commonly used mulch Mid Spring is a good time to begin to think about protecting your soil from the impending heat and giving your plants a boost of nutrients that mulch can provide. Over the past few years I have used a variety of mulch products on my garden and have now […]

The best variety of popular Summer vegetables

Reliable varieties of Summer vegetables Have you browsed a seed catalogue and wondered how to best select the seed most suited to your garden and growing circumstance? With hundreds of varieties of tomatoes available it is daunting for any gardener, new or experienced, to choose the best one to grow. Over the past five years […]

How to make sausage rolls without pastry

Pastry-based meals have filled numerous years worth of school lunch boxes and served as many Sunday night quick dinners. Mini quiche, pastry-filled sausage rolls and vegetable topped pastry tarts all are very easy to make, can be frozen and lend themselves to the addition of lots of fresh seasonal vegetables. This worked well until my […]

How to use excess lemons in a raw allergy-friendly recipe

Lunch Box Raw Lemon Slice Recipe Gluten, dairy, egg and refined sugar free When winter keeps delivering lemons, lots of lemons, there is a point when the recipe ideas dry up. I have plenty of lemons and zest juiced and frozen. We have preserved lemons and made a new batch of Limoncello    We have […]

How to make a pastry free meat and spinach pie

I have missed home made meat pies! After a year or more of no pastry of any kind I finally came up with a good alternative. My SIBO diagnosis and my son’s intolerance diagnosis has removed some of our previous family favourites from our table, including pies.  I have always found a pie to be […]