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Healthy spiced chicken and seasonal vegetable skewers

These family friendly skewers are perfect for a quick dinner, a BBQ or to make in advance to add to lunch boxes during the week. Adapt the recipe to include whatever season vegetables you have available. I could talk for hours about the superior flavour the freshly harvested vegetables provide to these skewers but in […]

How to water your vegetable garden for best results

Follow these simple watering tips for a productive Summer vegetable garden. Over the past 6 years customers have often told me that they forget to water their garden once it is planted, or that they are not sure how often to water. These are my recommendations: Create a reminder One of the most common reasons […]

Keep your vegetable garden tools on hand at all times

New vegetable garden harvest apron I am excited to show you the newest product in the A Fresh Legacy product range. This apron has been sitting in the sidelines for the past year waiting to come to life. I am looking forward to seeing it used in vegetable gardens all around Australia, with the large […]

How to set up fruit tree netting with no help

When your fruit trees commence production of enough fruit for the family to enjoy (and prior) the trees will begin to be targeted by birds, bats and possums. These pests will all be keen to get your harvest before you do. Netting the trees will help to ensure your family get to harvest and enjoy […]

How to successfully grow tomatoes in containers

Simple steps to grow tomatoes in a small space If you have a small space, or are short on growing space in your vegetable garden, containers can be used to success fully grow tomatoes. The questions below will help you achieve success when planting your containers. What size container is required? The container size is […]

Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks

Winter is almost done, thank goodness! I dislike the cold and the bleak, grey skies. The thing I do love about winter is the slow cooked richly flavoured meals. The simple set-and-forget cooking style that is slow cooking leads to outcomes that are always worth the wait. Add beef cheeks to your Winter menu before […]

Japanese Inspired Beef Curry

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Japanese cooking class with my Aunt. One of the meals we were shown how to make was a Beef Curry. I was a little disappointed that the chef used a packet mix for the base of the curry, and even more disappointed when I read the […]

Vegetable fritters with garden pesto

Autumn vegetable harvest recipe These vegetable fritters use the ingredients harvested from the Autumn vegetable garden. I make them egg and free for my son due to his intolerance of egg. They are also suited to a vegan diet. If it is tolerated, add egg to assist with binding the fritter. If egg intolerance is […]

Make it as spicy as you like Chilli Jam

At the close of Summer tomatoes are flowing and chilli is also productive. This year I’ve grown a variety of chilli called Joe’s Long Cayenne. It is a very mild heirloom variety that is great to grow if you want to introduce your children to the zing of chilli as it is barely evident. I […]

Allergy friendly hot cross buns

Gluten free, dairy free, egg free Easter buns Watching my 10 year old son laugh with joy and eat these hot cross buns, one from each hand today made me a  happy mum. I didn’t get the “best” most glamorous photo of the buns to add to this post. I got something better, my son’s […]

How to care for your vegetable garden after it is planted

When you first plant a vegetable garden, the time, effort and brain-power that goes into it may be more than you anticipated -the site selection, the garden beds, the soil, the plants….If you need some guidance with these steps be sure to grab a copy of the Vegetable Garden Workbook as it steps through each […]

Vegetables and herbs you can grow all year

There are many vegetables and herbs that can be grown all year round in Australian vegetable gardens, pending the region you live. They will grow are varying rates of speed in the different seasons but can remain a presence in your garden with a little planning. Gardenate lists 5 climate zones for Australia. With large […]