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Spring Garden Preparation

Spring garden preparation

Winter in my garden is best described as “restful”, for me and the garden. The plants are slow to grow.  There is not the constant need to weed, maintain, pick and monitor the garden as there is in the warmer months.

I miss collecting produce from the garden or dinner each day. We are currently picking salad greens, herbs and lemons. Our garden produce is supplemented in Winter by larger shops at the farmers market and local fruit store.

I am planning (wishing) for Spring to start. This is what I am doing for Spring garden preparation in my vegetable garden now:


  • Plan what you would like the space you have available
  • Know when the plants you have will be finished production and ready to be replaced
  • Research the plants that are suitable for planting by reviewing their needs preferred position and companion plants
  • Record what you plant so that you can track the progress of the plants and know what works well and what does not
  • I use a garden record journal I created to keep track of what, and how many plants I have planted and how the plants produce this ensures I have things to pick from the garden all year round 

Plan vegetable garden


  • Add compost and organic matter to your soil and turn the top of the soil to avoid it compacting after the wet weather.
  • Remove any weeds and old plants
  • If you have had peas or beans growing dig them into the soil to decompose. They will add nitrogen
  • Check on your compost and ensure it is not getting too soggy. You may need to move it into a position that gets some of the available Winter sun

Add Compost


  • Plant early Spring seedlings in trays such as beetroot, beans, greens, and coriander and keep in a protected location
  • Experiment to find what works best in your conditions

The number one thing I have discovered is:

  • Don’t get too caught up with the ‘rules’ of planting. See what works, give it a try. I wouldn’t recommend planting things in the opposite season – eg tomatoes are not likely to work if planted in Winter….

I planted some potatoes awhile ago and they are thriving. Those of you who follow A Fresh Legacy on Facebook would know that we have just collected a huge old tyre and I am about to plant some more.

Technically potatoes are not ready to plant in Melbourne until next month.  I am looking forward to comparing the results from the three different ways I planted potatoes. I planted some in the garden and a plant in two different types of pots to compare how much they produce. I will compare this against the big tyre.

 Plant seeds


 Potato planting

I’m ready to feel the sun again! Are you?






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  • lady rice July 18, 2012, 9:16 am

    Great post and tip, I am going to get me a notebook to record my veggie patch when I get started in Spring 🙂

  • Miss Piggy July 18, 2012, 9:53 am

    I just have a tenny tiny balcony garden but I LOVE it…no idea what to plant when so this helps a lot. Thanks,

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