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Shane Delia Recipe

{Guest Post} – Shane Delia cooks at home


Shane Delia Recipe

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Would you like to know what Shane Delia – Chef and owner of Maha and St Katherine’s restaurants cooks at home? Read on.  

Wait STOP! Don’t go.  Your eyes are not tricking you, Shane has stopped by to visit A Fresh Legacy with a recipe he makes at home.

Shane is renown for his innovation, his unique style of show-casing Middle Eastern flavors using fresh ingredients.  I was intrigued to know what he might cook if unexpected guests showed up for dinner (who wouldn’t love to drop by at dinner time to Shane’s place??!)

This is what Shane wrote:

When I cook at home, I never want to make things too hard. What I cook really depends on my mood, who I am cooking for and how many people I’m cooking for. If it’s a large number of people, say 8 or more, I usually prefer a slow-cooked dish.

Just the other day, I had family over and I prepared some beautiful slow-cooked free-range chicken Marylands rubbed in cumin, with roasted potatoes, wild mushrooms, wild leaves and preserved lemon dressing. Sounds a bit fancy, but it’s easy as!

To Prepare:

I like to work methodically, and cleanly when at home. I clean as I go. I have a tiny kitchen at home, so it can get messy really quickly. I work smart. Always put the oven on first. Prep all the stuff that takes the longest to cook. For example, I rubbed the chicken in cumin, lemon zest and salt, cleaned my potatoes and put them all together in a heavy based roasting dish. Drizzled it with olive oil and placed a little chicken stock in the bottom of the pan, then I let it roast slowly until golden brown and crispy.

If you’ve done all that, you’ve bought yourself an hour or so to get everything else ready, set the table and clean the kitchen.

Prep the mushrooms and place them in bowls. Pick a little thyme or whatever you may have growing outside. I always have thyme, rosemary and parsley. And I’m no green-thumb either, they just grow. I have even tried to kill them before!

Dice up some preserved lemon, olive oil, smashed garlic and a little chopped parsley and you combine to make an amazing dressing. Put this aside. Tear some leaves and place them in a big bowl. Pop this in the fridge.

When the chicken is cooked, take it out of the roasting dish and rest it on a plate. Put all the mushrooms in the baking tray with all the fat and potatoes and put it back in the oven, stirring every couple of minutes until soft. Season with salt and pepper, thyme. Get plates out, put all the little bowls you used in the dishwasher and then all you have to clean is the one baking tray from the oven. Easy!

Toss the salad, plate up and dinner is served. Delicious and super simple.

I work like this all the time at home. I never know exactly what I want to cook until I get to the shop and see one thing that is a stand out, that inspires me and then I take it from there.

Cooking should be easy and FUN. Just be inspired.

That probably can’t be done at the supermarket though, sorry! I always travel to my local markets, the Vietnamese grocers and fishmongers. There really is nothing better than amazing fresh vegetables and produce.

This is my first “guest post” on a food blog (other than my own), so I want to thank Kyrstie for being bold enough to tweet me and ask if I’d like to contribute! I’m co-hosting an event, a special Problogger evening at Maha Restaurant on July 17th, aimed at bringing the food blogging community in Melbourne together to eat (3 courses from me!), drink (wines matched to the menu) and hear from three great speakers. There are still a few tickets left – get all the details from my website.

Keep on cooking!

Shane Delia


Of course I had to test out Shane’s delicious recipe prior to posting it. My parents came to visit for the weekend so I made it for them. The flavor combination was exceptional. I really enjoyed the smooth warmth of cumin combined with the freshness of the lemon. The cripsy skinned chicken and potatoes and the soft juicy mushrooms were very more-ish.  The fresh salad was lovely. I used leaves and herbs from my garden and I will be making this dressing recipe for salads again. Did we like it? Check the photos and you decide.

 Shane’s slow-cooked cumin chicken, with roasted potatoes, wild mushrooms, wild leaves and preserved lemon dressing

 Shane Delia Recipe


Finished Dinner

Be sure to have a look at Shane’s website. It showcases a tasty selection of his recipes, tips, his current activities and events, photos and blog posts. Thank you Shane for visiting A Fresh Legacy, it has been a true highlight for me since I started writing late last year. This post goes to show that if you don’t ask and don’t dream big, you don’t get…. .. It also goes to show that he is just a really nice, genuine guy willing to share his love of good fresh food.

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Twitter: @shanedelia



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  • Shane Delia June 12, 2012, 5:48 pm

    Thanks for asking me to guest post Kyrstie! Look forward to seeing you at the Problogger event at Maha.

  • PlanningQueen June 14, 2012, 11:36 am

    Your dish looked fantastic Kyrstie. I often wonder what Chef’s cook at home so I loved reading about how Shane prepared a meal for family.

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