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School Holiday Vegetable Gardening

Kids gardening tools

School holidays have commenced for my family. These holidays seem to be such a relief when they arrive. Leading up to the end of term my boys have been exhausted and ready for a rest. As Winter receds and the garden comes to life with blossom, flowers and new life. This holiday break is the ideal one to get out into the garden and get your Spring planting in order.

To help get you started I have collated some posts from the archives that you can reference to get your vegetables and herbs stated. Let the kids run around and recharge in the Spring sunshine and fresh air.  Create a new project together that will inspire family meals and conversations over the coming months as you begin to harvest your fresh vegetables.

The basic process I apply to growing is as follows:

GROW_Kitchen Garden Box

Generate excitement

Talk about starting a vegetable garden with the family and the benefits that this will bring.  Decide where you are going to set it up and complete any pre-work required – eg: get suitable seed raising soil, tidy the garden bed and remove weeds

Reserve family time

Set aside time that you can do your garden planting and set up together

One Seed

Decide what you are going to plant and get started, put it into the soil

Water, watch and wait

Allocate responsibility for plant care. Seedlings do not like to have the soil dry out. This will stop them from germinating.

The above framework is the over riding process that you apply, very simple isn’t it? Vegetable gardening does not need to be complicated, it really can be that simple.


The links below are to posts I have written in the past. Some of them are a little dated in the formatting but they contain relevant information that will help you. They have been collated to provide you with the key information you need to begin.

What to plant?

Find a list of what to plant each season below (Seasonal Planting Guide). Note: The list is based on a temperate climate. The vegetables and herbs included may be variable depending on where you are located.

You may notice in the Seasonal Planting Guide that tomatoes are listed as a Spring vegetable. Don’t let this confuse you.  They are not suited to planting in early Spring but are listed because if you are going to grow from seed they may be planted at the very end of Spring to get started and be ready to go into the garden in Summer. Take note of the required soil temperature on your seed packets prior to planting seeds for Summer plants such as capsicum, tomatoes, eggplant and chilli. If not grown in the correct conditions they will not germinate. They are best raised in a sunny position in doors at this time of year if you are eager to get started.

Where to plant?

Plant in a tyre

How much to Plant?

How to plant:

potato harvest

For a complete reference and instruction on what to plant in Spring and the accompanying growing notes get your Kitchen Garden Box.

Keeping the kids interested:

Rustic Garden Birdhouse

Resources to help:

Kitchen Garden Box

A year’s worth of seasonally organised organic seeds, growing notes and over 90 content items including recipes to use when you harvest your fresh vegetables get a Kitchen Garden Box. It is an easy way to help a family begin their vegetable garden. Plus email support and reminders to keep you on track.

Kitchen Garden Box Contents

Enjoy your holidays.x



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