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Tips to prepare your vegetable garden for a holiday

It is the holiday season, it is also the prime growing season for the vegetable garden so what happens with your garden if you vacation away from home?

Tips to prepare garden for holidays

If you have a holiday planned during this time there is some simple preparation that you can complete to raise the likelihood of coming home to fresh vegetables rather than sizzled, dried up plants.

Increase your chances of keeping your garden alive by following these steps:

  • Set up a watering system on a timer, OR ask friends or a neighbour to assist by watering every few days
    • You could offer them the opportunity to collect the fresh produce as it grows
    • If you are using a few people to help out make a roster for them and a few guidelines to help them if they are not experienced gardeners (or you are very particular about how you want things done – bearing in mind that they are doing you a favour!)

Watering Roster holiday gardening

  • Weed prior to going away so that your plants are not competing for water
  • Remove any plants that are dying off, starting to, or are likely to go to seed
  • Don’t plant any new seeds in the lead up to your absence as you will not be around to tend to them when they sprout
  • Stake and provide support to larger plants such as tomatoes, beans, capsicums, cucumber and eggplant

Mulch Plants

  • Mulch around plants to help to contain moisture in the soil
  • In the week prior to leaving fertilise with a seaweed solution to promote healthy root growth and to provide nourishment
  • Water all plants deeply the day prior to leaving
  • If animals are an issue, cover beds with netting and secure well

 Protect plants with nettingKnow that the plans you have put in place will mean that your garden will be in a better state than it would have been had you not done anything (although your pots may not fare well)

Enjoy your holiday break, take the time to stop and recharge. Life is busy and stressful, relish your time-out.  Gardens can be replanted, relationships with the people you love are not always so easy to tend to.





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  • Miss Piggy December 14, 2012, 8:42 am

    I found going away for a week quite stressful…I didn’t want to leave my garden behind. Luckily a fellow blogger looked after things for me…we’re away for a month next year…I might just let it go during that period as a month is a long time to ask someone to plantsit for me.

    • Kyrstie December 14, 2012, 3:08 pm

      Offering produce helps to make it worthwhile for the guest gardener! If you are away in winter it is probably easier to plan to have nothing planted then there is no stress 🙂

  • Lettuce Grow Vegas March 3, 2013, 8:26 am

    Krystie, What a wonderful article. I feel like I can leave my garden with a lot less to worry about.I love the way you put family and relationships as a priority. Great ideas and insight. Thanks again

    Lettuce Grow Vegas

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