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Potato Parsnip Croquettes

Potato Parsnip Croquette

A burst of flavor in a silky soft center and crispy, nutty outer shell. This vegetarian recipe is made for entertaining, a weekend lunch treat, or simply a new side dish to serve the kids some extra vegetables.

You know that my garden inspires what is cooking here.  This dish is almost straight from the garden. Right now I am having trouble keeping my parsley plants tame and we have lots of glorious little freshly dug potatoes every few days. I also have some dehydrated tomatoes left from over summer crop that I have been using in slow cooking and other winter meals.


potato harvests

These freshly dug potatoes have been divine simply boiled and served with a knob of home made butter and a pinch of salt.  After having them cooked like this for a week I thought it was time to get a little more creative!

In addition to potatoes, this Winter we are growing parsnips for the first time. I mentioned it on the A Fresh Legacy Facebook Page recently and was surprised by the response I received and the love of the parsnip! One of my readers mentioned that she adds parsnip to potato mash for a very creamy mash. What a lovely idea! I have borrowed it here thanks Mel 🙂

Recently I have been experimenting with the use of different flours. In this recipe I have avoided crumbing with plain flour and breadcrumbs and used alternates that add a great texture and nutty flavor to the croquettes.

So…… here is my recipe – I hope that you enjoy it.

Potato Parsnip Croquettes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A burst of flavor in a silky soft center and crispy shell. This vegetarian recipe is made for entertaining, a weekend snack or easy way to serve the kids vegetables.
Recipe type: Appetiser; Side
Serves: 6
  • 300 grams potatoes - peeled
  • 150 grams parsnip - peeled and chopped into pieces
  • Stuffing
  • 1 cup tightly packed fresh parsley leaves
  • ⅓ cup parmesan cheese
  • 2 tablespoons dehydrated or sun dried tomatoes
  • 1 lemon zest
  • pinch salt
  • Crumb
  • ¾ cup organic "quick" oats
  • ¼ cup puffed quinoa
  • ½ cup chickpea flour
  • 2 eggs whisked
  • Oil of cooking
  1. Add the potato and parsnip to a pot of water, bring to boil and cook until tender (test with a skewer - nil resistance = cooked)
  2. Remove from the heat, drain and mash, or blend in a processor until smooth . Put into the fridge.
  3. While the potatoes are cooking, process the stuffing ingredients in a food processor until a chunky paste is created.
  4. Clean and dry the food processor and add the oats and puffed quinoa and pulse a few times until they resemble a bread crumb (not too fine)
  5. On a plate line one side with the oat and quinoa and on the other side add the chickpea flour
  6. Remove the potato and parsnip mash from the fridge and mold a small log shape with your hands.
  7. Poke some of the filling mix into the middle and cover the hole with either more mash or smooth it over with your hands. It doesn't matter if the filling is not neatly in the middle of the croquette or if it is mixed in, it will still taste great
  8. Roll each croquette in the chickpea flour then dip into the egg using a fork to roll it for even coverage, remove and roll in the oat crumb
  9. Once all croquettes are crumbed in the manner outlined above, heat a pan with your cooking oil of choice and cook in batches, turning in the pan every few minutes until golden all over
  10. Serve immediately
Ensure that the oil is heated to the correct temperature to avoid the food soaking up the oil. To test for readiness, place the end of a chop stick into the center of the pan, if bubbles rise and appear to sit around the end of the stick the food can be placed in the pan to commence cooking.
Drain on paper towel if required prior to serving.
I was tempted to create a sauce to serve with these but it is really not required.
Potato Parsnip Croquette

Do you attempt to regularly create new side dishes to serve your family or friends?

Are you growing potatoes this year? How are you eating them?

Have a great weekend.




A Fresh Legacy


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  • Krista August 1, 2014, 10:11 am

    These look and sound so delicious. 🙂 My parsnips are growing steadily and I will look forward to cooking with them soon. 🙂

  • Sheila August 1, 2014, 10:18 am

    These looks so yum. Cannot wait to try them 🙂

  • Lizzy (Good Things) August 1, 2014, 7:16 pm


  • e / dig in hobart August 4, 2014, 9:31 am

    oh my WOW. my dad grows parsnips, so i am taking this recipe with me next time i visit!

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