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My Patch – Summer Loving

This week in My Patch we have been busy doing some general monitoring and loving.  It is the growing season so this week I did the following:

  • Fertilized with Organic Lifter  Pellets
  • Trimmed back strong, fast growing plants
  • Mulched with Sugar Cane Mulch.


This time of year the vegetable garden is in it’s prime growing time.  It is wet and warm so the plants thrive.  It is important give them some nourishment to support the growth spurt. 

I applied the fertilizer early one morning and then watered in well.  The Sugar Cane Mulch was applied after this.  The mulch provides some additional nourishment to the soil as well as suppresses the weeds and helps to reduce water evaporation.

Some of the plants have had excessive growth spurts so I trimmed them back hard.  I trimmed the perpetual spinach, the parsley and oregano to prevent them going to seed, or  in the case of the herbs, prevent them from taking over the patch and getting too woody.

Now is also the time the weeds go crazy so I weeded prior to mulching.  We have a grass that is insanely intent on working it’s way into my patches that I am constantly pulling out.  It is driving me a little crazy, I am hoping that the sugar cane mulch helps to suppress it but am not holding my breathe…

All plants are doing well and there is no evidence of pests or any issues. Fingers crossed it remains that way. 

 My boys had a great time while I tended the patch.  My nearly 4 year old “Punky” decided it would be fun to smear his 10 month old brothers head with mud while I gardened!  They had fun…they were stripped off and put straight into an early bath.

My muddy boys








 I have set myself a project to collect produce from my garden to use in meals three times a week.

 This week we are still collecting loads of spinach.  I have collected the following from the garden:

Monday: I picked basil, thyme, artichokes, spinach, parsley and used garlic from the garden to make my Fresh version of a tuna bake – Tuna, Artichoke and Herb Pasta Bake.

Tuesday: The stars of the table were spinach, the purple capsicum, rocket, mixed lettuce and lemon thyme and made Steak with pumpkin, spinach and capsicum salad

Wednesday: I picked spinach (again), lemon thyme, and parsley to make home made baked beans to be served with pork fillet

I will post Tuesday and Wednesday’s meal recipes at a future date, too many posts to write, not enough hours in the week!

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  • katepickle December 7, 2011, 2:49 pm

    We have this terrible invasive running grass too.. which is really hard to pull out also. I am going to try a vinegar and soap weed killer I read about online.. will let you know if we have success.

    • Kyrstie December 7, 2011, 8:46 pm

      Hi Kate, please do let me know how you go. I am super KEEN on getting rid of the grass without using any chemical sprays.
      Thanks! K

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