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My Patch – Spinach, Artichokes and Leeks

It has been three weeks since I planted the majority of the vegetables in my three patches for Summer crops.  So far, so good. 

I have set myself a project to collect produce from my garden to use in meals three times a week.

This is the progress of My Patch:

Patch 1

I have a lot of spinach!  My crop has gone a little bit crazy due to all of the rain and the warmth.  Read on –  I have so much I will add an additional recipe this week. So far this week I have met my three times a week quota, mostly with spinach! Spinach is easy to grow and the kids enjoy it as the flavor is not very strong.  It is so versatile, I love it. Some of the ways I use spinach is:

  • Salads
  • Stir fries
  • Muffins
  • Pies & Quiches
  • Pasta
  • Pastries
  • Baby Food
Patch 1

Patch 1 when planted








Patch1 week 3








The snow peas are doing a lovely job of climbing their posts. I have just replaced these posts with a fancier frame today.  It is taller so should be more suitable.

Patch 2

Patch 2








Patch 2 Week 3








My garden chook has taken a walk and I have the first capsicum maturing(aptly named Purple Capsicum).  Punky (my almost 4 year old son) is itching to pick this!

This patch has some available space so I am planning on putting in another tomato plant and some rocket later this week.  I am aiming for a bumper tomato crop so that I can make a wide array of sauces, chutney and relish.  We will also enjoy lots in salads, sides, pasta and sandwiches.

Patch 3

Patch 3








Patch 3 Week 3








Patch 3 is where the action is this week (minus all the spinach in Patch 1).  We have eaten the last of our broccoli and I have removed the plants to make room for another zucchini plant.  We have our first baby tomato (Diggers Rest Cherry Roma) on the plant.  There are also a number of artichokes ready to pick.  Believe it or not I have never grown, nor eaten, artichoke so I have no idea what to do with them.  I must do some reading before they open and are past the point of picking to eat.  Any ideas or personal recipes  you love would be welcomed!  Write and let me know. I have a lot of leeks growing in this patch and also in Patch 2.  I counted these today, there is a total of 40 leek plants – eek!! That is what happens when a 3 year old helps to plant seeds!!  Yes – we did thin them out when they sprouted. I am going to need to ask for some reader input once I run out of my ideas for leek or we will be eating them every day for a long time once they mature….Get your thinking caps on.

This week, and it is only Wednesday we have had from the garden:

  • Tuesday: Spinach and mint were used to make Spinach and Ricotta Triangles for Mr X’s work lunches.  They freeze well.  I make various sizes to use for Punky’s dinner if I have had a big day.  I add a salad or vegetables to serve.  They are also great for a quick weekend lunch or entertaining nibbles.
  • Wednesday: Fresh garlic, red onion, spinach, parsley and oregano will be used to make a quick chicken and vegetable pasta.

I will add the recipes tomorrow.




AFL Chook

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