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My Patch – What is happening?

My Patch Update

This week I have made a lot of progress.  I have some new plans for projects next year and am excited to have a local nursery who will help me with any queries I have about any problems I come across in the garden.  I have been scheduled to write a guest post on another blog in January, and have two guests who will write on this one. I am really excited about both of these things. I think they will keep life interesting. 

My update In My Patch this week is that there is still lots of spinach!  I have a vast collection of spinach recipes that I make!  This week I have posted a favorite I like to call Spinach Uglies, a spinach and ricotta gnocchi. It does not present as the most beautiful looking dish but the taste is fresh, light and lovely.

This week my results from my three times a week challenge are listed below.  I have been successfully covering off my challenge at the start of each week.  I have been collecting produce other days past Wednesday in the garden also, but it has been mostly salad and herbs, while I wait for my crops to start to go crazy in the coming month/s.  For new readers, my three times a week project follows my progress growing and collecting produce from my garden at least three times a week to use in family meals:

Monday: Garlic, Lemon Thyme, Spinach and Rosemary was picked to use for Spinach Uglies.  I also picked a bunch of globe artichokes to decorate the house that I very naughtily let go past the point of picking.  I am enjoying their beauty on my kitchen table though, and will for many more days.

Chokes on my table








Tuesday: Lettuce, rocket, sage, onion, sage and spring onion were picked to use in a salad to accompany chicken and a potato bake

Fresh Salad








Wednesday: I used garlic, onion, tarragon, leek and salad items for a tarragon chicken bake with salad.  I also used some fresh mint in my Refreshing Fruit Tea for the Mother’s group Christmas Party.

In my garden this week:

My Patches End Dec 11

I removed some straggly rocket and lettuce going to seed and added carrots, cos lettuce. I also added Tarragon, Coriander and Sage to the Herb Patch.  I have not had any luck with carrots planted in these patches to date.  They end up stumpy and in weird shapes but I am determined we will get some picture perfect ones growing this time.

Patch 1 has Spinach and lettuce thriving and a capsicum with multiple flowers ready to bud and fruit.  There are three baby tomatoes on one of the tomato bushes. The snow peas are quickly climbing up their frame. I am very excited about them as I have not grown them in the past.  

Patch 2 has little capsicums on both bushes and a an eggplant on one of the bushes, the other has a lot of flowers that will hopefully develop into fruit. 

Patch 3 has both zucchini plants in flower and tiny zucchini forming on one of them.  There are tomatoes on two of the bushes.  

I have kept track of what I have removed and added to my patches in my Garden Record Journal.  If you would like to keep track of the happenings in your vegetable garden you can get a copy of my Garden Record Journal free for a limited period of time.  Find out more here.

Stay tuned for my next My Patch update as it will be focused on my herb garden, as well as how My Patches have progressed over the Christmas period.  We have a house full of people so maybe they will be stretched, we will see….

I am excited to have hooked up with my favorite local nursery expert who will be answering my gardening queries in the new year, as I come across problems.  More on this next year…I will also be starting a new project after Christmas. Stay tuned for lots of exciting developments.  

I hope that you have a really great Christmas.

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  • Reegan January 7, 2012, 10:46 pm

    Hello there!
    Kyrstie, I love your new blog!!! Full of great info, it is quite inspiring (I have been wanting to do a veg patch for the longest time, but never get around to it. Perhaps (as a result of your influence), 2012 is the year. The food sounds great (keep the recipes coming!). Callia has a several food intolerances (fructose malabsorption – which, aside from high fructose fruit, she has to avoid onion, garlic, concentrated tomato, and also wheat – dairy, and egg white). So as you can imagine, coming up with meals can be tricky. But I did see several of your suggestions that I could work with. Phil and the little lady will be absolutely rapt that I’m serving up something new. Just an FYI – you mention in at least a couple of recipes which require soy sauce that if someone wants to make it gluten free they should omit this. We use tamari instead (basically the same taste, with soy beans, but gluten free) – health food section of the supermarkets.
    Anyway, good for you for starting this – I look forward to enjoying future blogs!
    p.s I’m curious – how do you go about eating meals that you prepare for the boys that have cheese in them? I thought you didn’t have dairy, and so I’m interested to know if you substitute for something else (soy cheese?).

    • Kyrstie January 8, 2012, 3:20 pm

      Hi Reegan, thanks for visiting and for your great feedback. I will put my thinking cap on and look to post some recipes for you to try for Callia over the coming month. I can eat cheese so I don’t substitute as I love it. I have never formally been tested I just know that if I drink milk, or use cream I get really unwell. Therefore, I avoid both of those and have a dairy free margarine. Cheeses and Greek yoghurt I am fine with. One of these days I will organise to get tested so I know why that is so. K x

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