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Meals to Cook and Freeze

Holiday Preparation – Stocking the Freezer


Cooking in bulk

In just nine days Mr Fresh and I will be jumping on a plane to Italy. I won a trip to the Almafi Coast , including cooking school. Mr Fresh’s parents have volunteered to come and look after Punky and Cuddles while we are away. 

They are traveling from overseas to do this for us. I have a feeling that they will be in for a rude shock at the energy levels required to maintain a semblance of sanity and order in the house!

In an attempt to make things as easy as possible for Old Mrs Fresh (I’m pretty sure she will not like that name!), and to ensure that it is not the last time they volunteer to look after the boys, I have been cooking up a storm. I have been stocking the freezer for them. 

I started cooking extra meals two weeks ago, adding one or two items in the first couple of weeks of cooking and increasing this last week.

Regardless of your personal situation, it is always handy to have a well stocked freezer of extra meals.

Planning for an absence, a new baby coming home, helping out a friend, or stocking up for a work week? These are some easy steps to stock up the freezer at your place.

Freezer Food

Steps to fill your freezer:

1. Make as many meals as possible at one time.

For example, start a meal slow cooking. In addition to that meal, also start cooking something that takes no supervision and under one hour to cook, such as a soup and make a quick meal for dinner.

This gives you two meals to freeze, plus dinner for this evening

2. Double your batch sizes when cooking regular meals that are suitable for freezing – make one for dinner and one to freeze

3. Stock the pantry so that when you find a window of opportunity to cook, you have everything you need to do so without a trip to the shops

4. Label the outside of the container prior to freezing to aid identification and meal selection. You may add any required instructions or notes to the label also

5. Make meals that the kids will enjoy eating – “Family Favorites”, and leave ideas of things they like to eat

Individual Chicken Pies

6. Organise a block of time that you can cook undisturbed and use it to make as many meals as possible

7. Not all things need to be complete meals – eg: you could make and freeze pizza bases or apple pie filling

Cooking for the Freezer

This is what I have built up in my freezer:

AND lastly – Chicken, Corn and Kumera Soup as I thought it only fair that they enjoy my winning soup in our absence!

Need inspiration for stocking your freezer, and dinner time ideas?

Family Food – The Dinner Edition :

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    • Double Up dinners that can be prepared ahead of time
    • Family Favourites are enjoyed by both adults and children
    • Family Fun recipes are designed to get the kids involved

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  • Shop for the month with a handy printable Pantry List
  • Plan a month of meals based on your circumstances with the printable Meal Planner
  • Tips for involving the kids in the kitchen
  • Family meal time
  • Tips for dealing with fussy eaters
  • Available as a PDF file for download upon purchase

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{ 12 comments… add one }
  • Jenny May 7, 2013, 11:38 am

    You are one of the most organized women I know and I am sure your inlaws will very much appreciate the effort you have put into make their time spent with their Grandchildren a fuss free one, I know I would. Congratulations on winning a trip to Italy, a place I love for its amazing food. I look forward to hearing about your experience.

    • Kyrstie May 7, 2013, 8:27 pm

      Thanks so much Jenny, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and leave feedback. K x

  • Jane @ Shady Baker May 7, 2013, 1:37 pm

    Always very useful to have good food on hand isn’t it? I find it also means we eat a ‘proper’ meal even on the busiest, most exhausted nights. How amazing that you WON a trip like this, enjoy and safe travels!

    I look forward to checking out your recipes from this post too. Pasties will be first I think 🙂

    • Kyrstie May 7, 2013, 8:26 pm

      Thanks so much Jane, and yes I find it really takes away one of my meal time stresses to know that what ever I get out will be healthy and nutritious for the family. Thanks for visiting. K

  • Liisa May 7, 2013, 8:13 pm

    I love batch cooking and stocking the freezer. Now we are planning to move soon and I have to get through all the mystery meals in the freezer. (I rarely label as I am always confident I will recognise the food at a later date.”

    Enjoy the trip. How thrilling.

    • Kyrstie May 7, 2013, 8:24 pm

      Thanks Liisa, I will enjoy the trip. I have really only labelled this lot in the freezer so that my mother in law knows what she is getting out. I generally don’t label if it is me using what I have made either. K

  • giulia May 7, 2013, 8:21 pm

    wow wow i’ve been to that cooking school…and the amalfi coast is amazing!!!!!!! (i’m from italy) ..the weather will also be great!!!!!

    • Kyrstie May 7, 2013, 8:22 pm

      Did you enjoy the classes Giulia? I am starting to get very excited in the countdown now. K

  • Jane @ Shady Baker May 8, 2013, 11:26 am

    I made your pasties last night Kyrstie, yum!

    • Kyrstie May 8, 2013, 9:17 pm

      Thanks so much Jane, I am pleased that enjoyed them. Thanks for stopping by to let me know. K

  • Miss Piggy May 9, 2013, 3:35 pm

    I’m impressed by how organized you are…the only thing I can thing about before a holiday is what to pack. Have a great time you lucky duck!

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