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How to Plan for a Spring Vegetable Garden

Spring vegetable garden planning

Are you excited about the change from Winter to Spring? For me it is THE most highly anticipated of the seasons changes. I know that I am not alone in this. The move from Winter to Spring generates excitement and enthusiasm in gardeners everywhere as the promise of bountiful harvests begin to tumble around your mind. Are you one of those who also eagerly anticipates the return of warm weather and a bounty of fast growing produce?

As Spring approaches it is time to begin to think about what you will grow in Spring and Summer and create a plan.

Spring is the primary season for planting in my vegetable garden. Vegetables and herbs planted in Spring and Summer grow so very fast in comparison to the (almost painful) slow growth of Winter. While we do plant and grow vegetables across the entire year, the volume ramps up in Spring, possibly due to the anticipation of what is to come from the garden in the following months.

Planning your seasonal garden planting ensures that:

  • you have seeds or seedlings ready to go into the ground at the right time of year.
    • This provides maximum time for growth and fruit production during the ideal weather for that particular plant
  • you have a steady supply of produce to collect from the garden to add to family meals
  • there is a check to determine what was planted in the area previously.
    • Ensure that you avoid planting the same things in the same space year after year
  • you think about the space you have available for planting so that you do not under or over plant
  • you can compare last year and make suitable adjustments based on your previous experience

Vegetable garden planning

The basic planning approach for planting seeds from Spring through to Summer is outlined below.  What is now an intuitive process for me began as shown in this table:


Week number


Winter Spring -4 wks Create a plan of what you will plant and order seeds if required
Spring -2 wks Plant Spring seeds in seed raising trays in a sheltered warm location & water as required
Spring wk 1 Water and protect seeds from cold. Don’t leave seeds outdoors. Prepare the garden soil for planting. Add compost and well rotted manure
wk 2 Plant seeds into the garden if they are large enough at this point in time. Protect seedlings with a cloche if frost remains a danger
wk 3 Plant seeds of more greens – lettuce, rocket etc to ensure a continuous harvest
 wk 10 Plant tomato seeds and other Summer seeds of choice into seed raising trays in a warm sheltered position
wk 11-12 Water seeds as required and protect from high heat
 Summer  wk 2 Plant seedlings into the garden when there are 3 leaves on the plant

Make a note of the activities in your diary to keep track of them until you get into the swing of things. After a while it will become intuitive.

Note that for various reasons, such as the variety of vegetable, soil temperature and care received, the seeds that you plant may not be ready to add to the garden (or a pot) in the week outlined above. It is a general guide, not an exact instruction so if your timing varies it does not indicate that you are doing something wrong.

The timing I have outlined is based on raising vegetables and herbs from seed rather than planting established plants. Ensure that the soil in seed raising trays is kept moist – not wet. The soil should not be allowed to dry out completely.

Vegetable seed planting for Spring

Have you begun planning for Spring vegetable planting yet?

If you have any related questions please feel free to ask them below.

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  • Nerida @ Crooked Cottage August 20, 2015, 3:49 pm

    This post has (hopefully) inspired me to actually get planning. I have a loose idea in my head of what I might try this spring but I’m a bit worried that I will blink and it will suddenly be Christmas with no plants in! I cheat a bit and use quite a lot of seedlings, as so far my seed raising efforts have mostly been failures. Because I have such a small garden I have to work out what can go into pots and what will get the pride of place in the beds. But good advice as well to plant more seeds every few weeks – another thing that I always forget and so end up having no greens and all my tomatoes at the exact same time! Happy gardening 🙂

  • Jodie August 22, 2015, 1:01 pm

    very inspiring and timely with a couple of warmer days to entice me outside ?

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