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How To Make A Garden Scarecrow

A Scarecrow For The Vegie Garden 


Punky, 4 years old, received a children’s gardening book for his 4th birthday from some lovely friends. One of the activities in the book was how to make a scarecrow. We followed the book instructions and made one last week. It was easy and very fun! (I think I had the most fun)

Meet “Mr Scarecrow”

"Mr Scarecrow" - named by Punky

To make a scarecrow you will need:

  • 2 pieces of wood (eg: tomato stake). One longer than the other
  • a pillow case
  • a shirt
  • a pair of pants
  • string
  • straw or similar stuffing
  • stockings
  • a marking pen
  • a hat 

This is how we made him:

Little Gardeners Guide and our list of things we needed to collect

Required scarecrow items









Create frame using one piece of wood longer than the other and a stocking to wrap them together

Dress the scarecrow around the frame and fill with stuffing








Push the stick into the ground. Shake that butt "Mr Scarecrow!"

Fill a pillow case with straw and put on top of pole. Add a hat and a face










  1. Make a cross with the two poles. Use the smaller one as the horizontal cross bar and tie together with a stocking
  2. Put the clothes over the poles
  3. Stuff with straw
  4. Push the pole into the ground to stand the scarecrow in the desired position in the garden
  5. Stuff the pillow with straw, close the bottom with string but leave space to allow it to be pushed on top of the stick to make the head
  6. Draw the face of the scarecrow and add the hair and then the hat
What is the most fun you have had making something in the garden with the kids?





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