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Gardening General

5 reasons people fail when growing vegetables at home

10 ways to extend your summer harvests

Australian families will benefit from growing just one thing

A Family Based Menu From What is in the Backyard

All you need to grow herbs and vegetables in a small space

Australian families will benefit from growing just one thing

Are you growing your own yet?

Backyard Chickens – getting settled

Backyard Chickens – no eggs!

Benefits of growing vegetables and herbs in a Vegepod

Benefits of planting flowers in a vegetable garden

Chickens – home to roost

DIY clay garden markers

DIY Recycled Timber Birdhouse

Don’t allow a lack of space stop you from growing vegetables

Encouraging Kids to Garden

Encourage Beneficial Insects – Build a bug hotel

Garden Composting Tips

Get more from your vegetable garden

Get Outdoors

Grow Just One Thing – The first step in a fresh food journey (my book)

Grow your Own – Your Guide to Grow Fresh (my e-book)

Grow vegetables without a vegetable patch

How much time is needed to grow a vegetable garden?

How to keep your Autumn garden healthy and pest free

How to set up a vegetable garden with no knowledge

How to plant for a Spring garden

How to protect plants from white cabbage moth

How to start a worm farm

How to make newspaper seedling pots

How to make a garden scarecrow

How to make silverware spoon markers

How to save pumpkin seeds

Nutritional benefits of growing fresh vegetables at home

Planning an edible garden

Planting a winter vegetable garden

Saving money by growing your own vegetables

School holiday vegetable gardening

Small Space Garden Kit

Size of a family vegetable garden

Start to grow fresh food  today

Summer vegetable garden lessons

The use of structures in the garden to increase growing space

Tips to prepare your vegetable garden for a holiday

Tips for success when growing in containers

Things to do in a winter vegetable garden with children

Unboxing the Kitchen Garden Box

Vegetable Garden Set Up

Vegetable Growing Tips

Vegetables to plant in Autumn

Why I grow fresh food

Why set up a vegetable garden?

Inspiring gardens

A Garden of Color

A productive garden in New Zealand

Vegetable Gardening in the Suburbs

Grow Vegetables

Grow Fresh Blueberries

Garlic Growing Tips from an expert

Grow and Eat Fresh Beetroot

Grow Peas from Seed

Growing Potatoes at home

Growing Vegetables – Capsicums

Grow Vegetables – Eggplant

Grow Vegetables – Fennel

Grow Vegetables – Kale

Growing Vegetables – Leeks

Growing Vegetables – Onion

Growing Vegetables – Tomatoes

Plant Vegetables for a Family

Train Tomatoes – no stakes required

Grow Herbs

Growing Herbs – Basil

Growing Herbs – Oregano

Growing Herbs – Thyme 

Growing Herbs – Rosemary

How to grow herbs at home

Garden Share Collective Posts:




A monthly garden update of what is being planted, harvested and jobs in the garden


Taste of fresh herbs and vegetables

How to increase seasonal garden harvests

Featured Gardener: Blue Jeans and Dirty Gumboots

Vegetable Garden Transition Autumn to Winter

Design elements of a kitchen garden

Things to know about growing from seed

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Fresh Food Lifestyle:

Australian families will benefit from growing one thing

A family menu based on what is available from the garden

Community Farmers Market

Cooking Grass Fed Beef

Farmers Market Food

Find Local Food Near You

Join me in the Local Food Challenge

Meat Delivered from the Farm

Skipping the Supermarket

Skipping the Supermarket – A Summary

Supermarket alternatives – changing the way you shop

Shopping Local and Helpful Hints

5 Frugavore Tips

Family Food:

4 reasons to buy and use a dehydrator

10 Tips to get kids to eat vegetables

13 Tips for Low Cost Family Meals

Avoid the constant repetition of meals

Easy Entertaining Planner

Meals to Cook and Freeze

Tips for reluctant eaters

Food Travel:

A Farm in Italy

An Adelaide Food Adventure

Asian Food Experience

A winning soup recipe

An Italian Food Adventure

Gold Coast Hinterland Songbirds Restaurant

Tamborine Cooking School

Thai Ingredients 

Thai Street Food

Buy my book and begin your own fresh food journey

Grow Just One Thing Book

Want to start a vegetable garden but need all the guess work removed?

Find all you need to grow across a whole year, including email support. The Kitchen Garden Box will be delivered to your door. It is the easy way to start your vegetable garden. (Contents for Summer only shown below)

Kitchen Garden Box