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Gardening Gifts for Kids

Kids gardening

Christmas is approaching much too quickly for my liking, I can feel the pace of life quickening as everyone and everything races towards the big day.  My response – get out into the vegetable garden more than usual!

Do you prepare for the festive season is advance, slowly across the year, or are you a last minute shopper? I like to prepare slowly across the year but this year it hasn’t really worked that way…I have dropped the ball in comparison to previous years. As my children grow and are more and more excited by the whole period of Christmas I have been slightly overwhelmed by the demands and their suggestions of the numerous gifts that Santa could bring to them.  While I have no problem collecting gifts and thinking of ideas for my own children, finding suitable gifts for other people’s children is something that I find much more difficult.

I aim to purchase gifts for other people’s kids that :

  • are made from durable materials
  • are useful
  • are eco-friendly,or sustainable
  • have an educational focus
  • I would like my children to play with, or receive as a gift

I have recently discovered a fabulous brand that has a wide range of products that meet these requirements.

I was introduced to Hobart based brand planet-eco, as it is the business of Anna, one of my lovely readers. I am so pleased to have discovered, and to be able share their gorgeous range of garden based products and accessories for big and little gardeners. I have a ridiculous number of items “earmarked” on the site that I think would be fabulous in my garden! It is a “give me one of everything” kind of place for garden lovers.

*Special reader offer from planet-eco*

My friend Anna at planet-eco is offering you 20% off all purchases from today until midnight 28th November 2014. Head over there to finish off your Christmas shopping list by simply entering the word Fresh into the coupon code box.  Read on before heading there as you may like to enter to win a gardening pack for your child, or a friend’s child for Christmas.

Kids gardening tools

planet-eco giveaway: NOW CLOSED

Enter to win this pack shown in the image below by answering one simple question: How do you (or would you) encourage a child to get out into the vegetable garden?

Planet Eco Competition Prize

Included in the prize: 

Everything you need to get growing with a planet-eco Vegie Patch Kit which includes 5 packs of organic seeds(baby carrot, cucumber lettuce, radish and rocket),  5 bamboo plant tags, 18 biodegradable pots and a picture based growing guide. Plus a stainless steel and rubber wood hand fork and trowel set  and a bottle top waterer for gentle watering of seeds and seedlings (bottle not included). This pack suits ages 3-12 yrs old. 

planet-eco giveaway products:

The Burgon and Ball children’s garden tools are seriously impressive. I am very hard (rough) on my garden tools and my children are even tougher. These are the best garden tools I have ever come across that are designed for children. They are strong! Most of the gardening equipment I have seen for children is flimsy and ends up broken and discarded in a very short period of time. These tools are well made and super cute too, I have “borrowed” the trowel a couple of times when my son wasn’t looking! The swing tag on the set tells the child to expect that their parents will love them also and suggests hiding them 🙂 My three year old has taken this to heart and I kind of don’t blame him – yes, I stupidly read it to him!

Garden tools in sand pit
One of my strategies to spend time in the garden each day with my sometimes reluctant 3 year old is to “give” him his own plants to take care of. He often plants seeds with me for our vegetable garden, therefore, it is not a very exciting activity for him.  For children who are not in the garden often, or do not have any herbs or vegetables planted yet, the planet-eco kit is a wonderful way to get them started. Now is the perfect time of year to introduce children to vegetable gardening. It is such a thrill for kids to see their own seeds pop up from the soil and then later produce a vegetable or fruit that they can eat and know that they grew.

My son has recently started to understand that the reason he gets to pick and eat strawberries, blueberries and other favorites from the garden on a daily basis is because they have been watered, fed and looked after. As a result he now has his own designated tomato plant, a blackberry plant and a miniature pear tree. He knows that he has to check his plants each time we are outside to see if they need to be watered, harvested, weeded or protected from pests. The pear is a new addition to the garden this week and his first question as we planted it was “what color does the pear have to be when it is ready for me to eat?”

This ownership has made him keen to head out with me each day. His new planet-eco garden tools are now part of the routine for him to use on his little trips around the garden to inspect his plants.

For a chance to win a children’s vegie patch kit , garden tools and gentle waterer simply tell me in the comments below:

How do you (or would you) encourage a child to get out into the vegetable garden?

Kids looking after vegetable garden

Conditions of entry:
Open from November 18th 2014 7.30 am AEST  – Sunday 23 rd  November noon AEST

The winner will be selected based on the response to this question: How do you (or would you) encourage a child to get out into the vegetable garden? The answer must be provided in the comments below.

This is a game of skill. The answer that I like the most will be selected as the winner. The winner will be selected and notified via email by 10 am AEST Monday 24th November. The winner must respond with postal details by Wednesday 5 pm 26th November failure to do so will result in a new winner being selected.

Total prize value is: $57.00 AUD

The items included in the prize are: One planet-eco Vegie Patch Kit including 5 packs of organic seeds(baby carrot, cucumber lettuce, radish and rocket),  5 bamboo plant tags, 18 biodegradable pots and a picture based growing guide. Plus a stainless steel and rubber wood hand fork and trowel set  and a bottle top waterer.

The prize will be posted to the winner by Eco Planet.

Entry is open to Australian residents only however, please note that the prize can not be posted to Western Australia.

Western Australian entries are permitted if the prize is posted to an address in an alternate state of Australia.

Be sure to also head to Planet Eco to sign up to their newsletter (via the sidebar) and head there to do some Christmas gift shopping using the 20% off discount offer.

Good luck!

About planet-eco:

planet-eco is based just south of Hobart in Australia. It is run by mum of three Anna who started creating a range of gorgeous garden kits to teach children how to  grow and then enjoy eating their own home grown vegetables.

This is what Anna says:

“We started planet-eco to encourage more kids and in turn their families to grow their own vegies, flowers and herbs at home, it’s something that is important to us, we are finding it’s harder and harder to access really fresh vegies, herbs and fruits (food without chemicals and preservatives – the way it is meant to be) and wanted to help others get started easily without getting bogged down or knowing where to start. It’s healthy, fun, good for the environment and a great skill to have and knowledge to carry forward with you. I am always grateful that my parents and my grandparents grew most of our food –  I have learnt so much and hope our 3 boys will in turn be able to pass on what they learn to their families and friends too.”

Visit the website to do a little Christmas shopping and use your 20% shopping discount. Be sure to sign up to the newsletter.

Get to know more about Planet Eco and show them some love on Facebook

Good luck, I look forward to reading your responses to this question to win the planet-eco prize pack for one lucky little gardener:

How do you (or would you) encourage a child to get out into the vegetable garden? Provide your answer in the comments below.

* Note: This is really the subject of another post but if you are part of a school or kinder community be sure to check out the Fundraising page at planet-eco. They provide a fabulous solution to the tired, and unhealthy chocolate boxes that seem to be continuously sent home with the kids.  I hope to see some planet-eco fundraising kits being sold for fundraising at our family School and Kinder next year.

*Disclosure: I was compensated for hosting this giveaway and received a set of the Burgon and Ball stainless steel and rubber wood hand fork and trowel set and a gentle bottle top waterer for my littlest gardener.


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{ 15 comments… add one }
  • Barbara November 18, 2014, 1:00 pm

    By giving them food straight out of the garden to try ie. strawberries, bkueberries, peas, kohlrabi etc. They just love to help!

  • Sonya November 18, 2014, 1:44 pm

    I’d get the kids to pick the vegies/herbs/fruit with me – it’s so satisfying and very motivating to reap the rewards of your labour!

  • Diana O November 18, 2014, 2:43 pm

    By example, including them in the entire veggie patch experience, from weeding, to fertilizing, sowing the seeds and then the fun part at the end, getting to pick or pull from the earth the fruits of our efforts. My kids LOVE pulling up carrots 🙂

  • Michelle V November 18, 2014, 4:30 pm

    Whenever I introduce something new to my children, I usually borrow books on the subject or we watch videos on the internet to explain or see things before attempting them ourselves.
    I find that this way, my kids know what to expect, and are willing to give things a go.
    We are fortunate to have a fantastic local library that has a lot of books, so in this case, I would borrow books like My Garden, Planting A Rainbow etc, etc.
    We read them together, then I explain what we will be planting and we may watch a video to demonstrate the proper way of doing it.
    Then it’s simply a matter of going outdoors and creating some magical gardening moments!

  • karina l November 18, 2014, 4:53 pm

    Mummy and daughter gardening time, followed by mummy and daughter time in the kitchen creating something yummy using the fruits of our labour. That will definitely increase her interest in gardening!

  • Kell - All Mum Said November 18, 2014, 9:28 pm

    Start with dirt – what kid isn’t interested in playing with dirt? When the kids are involved in creating something like this they are given a sense of responsibility and achievement. Being able to see their smiles knowing their hard work has paid off and be rewarded with home-grown food cannot be beaten.

  • Annaleis November 18, 2014, 11:19 pm

    I’m from WA and can’t win however I love these little kits. I will need to search something similar out here in WA. I love giving the gift of gardening to children.

  • Linda November 19, 2014, 1:55 pm

    We are only recently bought our house, and the first thing we prepared was the veggie patch. We only grew food we knew the kids would love..It was a great success, so much so that our eight year old is looking for her own little patch that only she will tend to and care for.
    We can then go ahead and grow what we want 🙂

  • Nicole kent November 19, 2014, 7:09 pm

    They grow it
    Then pick it
    And help cook it with me
    From garden to the table
    For the whole family!

  • tantinana November 20, 2014, 12:12 am

    We go over to nanny’s 😉 She helps weed the gardens, watering the gardens, collecting the chicken eggs and so much more she loves doing it with nanny.

  • Cyndie November 21, 2014, 4:18 pm

    I think if the child see his/her parents enjoying themselves and having fun when gardening then they might develop an interest for it too! I would also encourage my child to learn about plants (names, what season they grow in, properties or uses etc.)

  • Lady Tiffany November 22, 2014, 9:06 am

    I believe the reason so many kids dont like fruit and veg these days is the supermarkets, green grocers etc put everything in cold storage..it takes that beautiful sweet flavour away…as kids we always chose fruit off the tree and vegies straight out of the garden…yum

  • Sam November 22, 2014, 2:43 pm

    I lead by example, if I’m out in the garden my son is too. We chat about the stuff we’re putting in the compost bin, keep an eye out for new shoots appearing, go on bug patrol, have a family sunflower growing competition and gobble a sneaky strawberry now & then. A set of his very own garden tools has made it’s way onto Santa’s list this year so Mum & Dad would be pretty rapt to be a prize winner too!

  • Kevin Kelly November 23, 2014, 7:56 am

    Buy them their own gardening kit and set aside their own little plot of dirt and give encouragement to grow and look after their own vegetables

  • Cathy November 23, 2014, 10:53 am

    My 3 year old loves watering- it gets him out in the garden everyday! Yes, we have water everywhere-a little on us, a little on the plants; but he explains beautifully how he uses water from the water tank and how it’s collected.
    Building on the watering, he then became enthused to plant more seedlings and watch them grow eagerly! Every morning before we go out he rushes to see what’s changed in the garden-a new flower, more leaves, whether the birds have eaten our ripe, red strawberries, some bugs, or his recent favourite, bees pollinating!
    His enthusiasm is also encouraged at daycare where they wrote a list of what they’d like to grow and they went on an excursion to purchase.

    We are only new to gardening together…but I think we’ve caught the gardening bug! And love sharing with our neighbours (most who are grandparents themselves) the produce that we pick.

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