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Do you get yourself in a spin and all muddled up when preparing multiple dishes for an entertaining menu? It can be easy to be overwhelmed when you have numerous dishes to prepare with various times required for preparation and cooking, all to coincide with your planned serving time. 

We entertain at home reasonable often. With young children it is the easiest way to socialize… I usually over cater, preparing too much food and too many dishes. This has it benefits as it has allowed my to become adept at preparation. 

If you have young children I do not need to tell you that this is a wondrous time. The joy and excitement builds each year as the children become increasingly familiar with the traditions, and celebrations of the family and friends.

I am loathe to miss watching and experiencing this joy with my young children. I don’t want to be in the kitchen when my five year old writes his cousin’s name for the first time, or my two year old gives his Nanny a cuddle and holds her face in his hands while he tells her a story. 

This planner can help you to plan your entertaining event and have time to relax and enjoy the celebrations rather than being stuck in the kitchen.

My top tips are:

  • Determine your  menu and then use this planner to work backwards from the time that you wish to serve your meal. This will help you to do things in the correct order
  • You will see that the planner indicates that you should start doing some activities well in advance of the event – this ensures a well prepared, and hopefully, stress-free experience for you
  • Choose a menu that you are confident you can deliver. I will be adding many new entertaining recipes over the coming month. Review current recipes via my Recipe List page.
  • Use the planning checklist items to verify that the menu is suitable for your guests
  • If you are new to entertaining – follow the planner 😉  
  • Include menu items that can be cooked or prepared in advance
  • Keep it simple

Easy Entertaining Planner

Download your printable Easy Entertaining Schedule here and enjoy the festivities :

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