Grow Fresh

Planting, growing and harvesting my vegetable & herb garden

garden harvest for dinner

Harvest more from your garden without investing more time

Tips for a busy mum's vegetable gardenA productive vegetable…
January 17, 2017/by Kyrstie Barcak
easy to grow vegetables

How to plan and create a low care vegetable garden

With very little time or skill you CAN have a productive…
December 20, 2016/by Kyrstie Barcak
newly planted garden beds

Get help to set up a home vegetable garden

Home vegetable garden installation and coaching service Geelong…
December 9, 2016/by Kyrstie Barcak
garden harvest

Growing vegetables saves you time and money at the busiest time of year

Garden Share Collective November 2016The lead up to Christmas…
November 28, 2016/by Kyrstie Barcak

How to grow herbs across the year in your backyard

Guide to growing herbs  Herbs are one of the easiest…
November 11, 2016/by dev

How to successfully grow cucumbers in the vegetable garden

Grow Cucumbers Cucumbers are a fantastic addition…
November 4, 2016/by dev

Growing Vegetable Garden Favourites

What are your favourite vegetables in spring/summer? I am…
October 31, 2016/by dev

How to protect tomatoes in unstable spring weather

Spring is the time of great excitement and anticipation in…
October 21, 2016/by dev

How to be more mindful in the vegetable garden

  Tips for mindful growing and eating your garden harvests. What…
October 14, 2016/by dev
spring harvest

What is your gardening philosophy?

Garden Share Collective September 2016Spring! Thank goodness…
September 26, 2016/by dev
sensory gardening

Exploring the 5 senses in the garden with kids

Sensory gardening tips  Today is the last day of…
September 16, 2016/by dev
seeds for spring

Farewell Winter 2016

Seed raising in preparation for spring  I have…
August 29, 2016/by Kyrstie Barcak
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