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Backyard Chickens – Getting Settled

Clucking Chickens


We have just welcomed Henny and Penny, a pair of Pekin/Silkie cross hens to our back yard.  You can read more about their arrival at Chickens Home to Roost

Henny and Penny


A black pure bred Silkie will be ready to join Henny and Penny in a few weeks.  We got this breed of chicken as I was advised that they are calm birds, happy to interact with children, and not destructive. They are about 4 weeks away from laying eggs. I am told that this will happen so long as the chickens feel safe, happy and warm!


Ok — so there is the challenge..

1. Safe -tick. Yes they have a great home that Mr Fresh picked up on E-bay. 

2. Happy – umm what makes them happy?

  • Food – They get to eat scraps from my garden so they should be happy with that. My Fresh growled at me for giving them a piece of bread he wanted. I think they are fed well 🙂

Feed time








  • Low Stress – We have no other pets to harass them but Punky loves to give them cuddles. My instructions to be gentle are not registering in his 4 year old excitement. We visit them often in the day to change water and say hi (this novelty may wear thin..)so I am sure they are feeling loved!

Punky Introduces a Friend








3. Warm – ??? Melbourne weather is unpredictable. It is summer and today I am cold and am wearing a long sleeve top. They do have shelter and a warm nest. They also have garlic crushed in their water as I am told by the chicken breeder that it protects them from getting a cold. 

I will keep you posted on our progress. They are due to be let out of their coop to free range in our yard in the coming week. I am a little bit worried about what that might mean to my vegetable patch – can you put blinkers on chickens?

I would love to hear from you – You can click on the Comment link at the end of this post and it will allow you to add a comment.  Do you have chickens? 

Weekend Update – Henny and Penny ventured out in the garden yesterday afternoon and had a great time exploring. They found My Patches within about 15 minutes – we will have to think about that….

First roam in the garden





A Fresh Legacy


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  • Di January 19, 2012, 10:39 am

    Oh the joys of chooks! I have 2 gorgeous chooks, a white one (not sure of breed) who is called Princess Annabelle and another black one named Alexandria. (I have two girls who loved the naming process!) The black is a giant chook who has the most beautiful emerald green sheen through her feathers. They have the taj mahal of coops – custom built in one corner of our backyard – an area that wasn’t used for much. Inside the coop is another small roosting box in which they lay eggs of course! I get two eggs a day and love it! Through the day, I let them out to roam the garden (or should I say ruin my garden…) After a few hours of scratching, they love to sit on my north facing back deck and sun themselves like sun-loving princesses. They are a complete crack up! Annabelle and Alexandria are gorgeous members of our family who, incidentally, done worry too much about my 2 cats or my 2 Labrador dogs, or my 2 kids. In fact, the chooks rule the roost, often sitting and blocking the back door so cats cant get in or dogs out, as they bask in the sun. So long as I get an egg most days from them – I’m a happy mummy!

    • Kyrstie January 20, 2012, 6:52 am

      Hi Di, thanks for visiting and your fun description of your chooks. Your chooks sound very regal, and very entertaining. I would love to see a picture of their coop. I imagine it is fabulous. However, I am not liking your description of them ruining your garden! We are going to let our girls out for their first scratch around today when I am in the garden planting some new vegies. I am sure my boys will love chasing Henny and Penny around the backyard today! Kyrstie

  • Ai Sakura January 19, 2012, 4:33 pm

    How fun! No I don’t keep chickens and it is not very common in Singapore nowadays I think as most live in apartments and it’s so easy to buy various eggs from supermarket plus other health concerns about keeping live animals at home. But I can imagine how nice it is too be collecting the eggs from your own chooks!

  • Their Little Garden November 3, 2012, 3:16 pm

    Hi Kyrstie, we have just adopted three Chinese Silkie day old chicks and snuck them under our clucky silkie hen yesterday. It’s been fun raising her from day old. We found it was easier to partition off sections of the garden and continually take them to the same places when they’re free ranging. Since silkies don’t fly we haven’t had too much drama (and they need constant supervision because they can’t see that well, so we’re mostly there with them to herd them back if they strayed). We also built a little hut in the area we want them in so they have shade and a place for a dust bath which we constantly top up with sugar cane mulch. Hope your chicklets haven’t created too much havoc for you ! I’m heading back to keep reading your blog …

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