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Australian families will benefit from growing just one thing

Growing just one thing in your backyard, or in a pot or container on your deck or in the courtyard can be the start of a healthy new lifestyle and approach to food.

I challenge you to try it.

Balcony garden

I passionately believe that anyone can grow some fresh food items at home. Regardless of the amount of space you have, one thing can change the way you source and enjoy food.

What do you want to be known for?

Have you ever been asked – “What do you want to be known for?” I have put a lot of thought into that question over the previous 12 months and along with the questions and feedback I receive from my community and customers it shaped the development of my new book and the products that I have created over the past year.

I want to be know for having started a movement in Australia.  It is my dream that all Australian families grow at least one fresh food item at home and experience the benefits that evolve as a result.

Family gardening

I have spent the past 12 months writing a book that is now ready to share with Australian families, and families all over the world.  I hope that my book will inspire and motivate many more people to begin to grow their own fresh food.

My book, Grow Just One Thing – The first step in a fresh food journey will be launched next week at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, March 16-20th 2016.  You can grab your copy of my book before that here.

At the MIFGS you will find me on the Nicholson St side of the gardens. If you are coming along to the show please do drop by and say hello. Come and tell me about your garden, or your plans for a garden.

If you live in Melbourne and have never attended, it is a fantastic event. I attend each year as a visitor so am very excited about exhibiting my book and gardening kits that are designed to help families, and those with a small spaces how to grow their own fresh food easily.

My new book, Grow Just One Thing is based on the premise that by growing one fresh food item you have have the opportunity to establish momentum. From the joy you experience in producing and harvesting your own fresh vegetables or herbs you can develop a new lifestyle and approach to food.

Grow Just One Thing will teach you how to grow, how to make the most of your kitchen as part of your new approach to food, and how to use your home grown food in delicious, simple recipes the whole family will enjoy.

You will find examples from people whose lives have been transformed by their love of growing fresh food.

It will help you to create efficient systems and spaces for storing, planning and cooking your meals and ultimately get more fresh food into your family’s diet – in less time, with less wastage and less stress.

All of this comes from the momentum gained from growing just one thing.

If I look back on why I first started to grow some of our fresh food it was when I first became a mum. This triggered a desire to provide my family with fresh healthy food that I knew was free from chemical residue and additives. Starting to grow some of our own salad green was the beginning of a journey that developed into a lifestyle centered around not only our vegetable garden, but around our local community, exploring and utilising all that is on offer.

Book Cover Grow Just One Thing

Adding growing your own fresh food to the never-ending list of activities that already consume your time and energy may seem a little crazy. However, the reality is that growing one thing takes very little time and there are many benefits to be gained from doing so.

Growing just one thing can have a positive impact on your family menu. It can influence what you eat, the activities you are involved in with your family and ultimately your health and well being. The experience of growing just one thing with your family may be so wonderful that you decide to grow more.

Here are some of the reasons you may decide to grow just one thing:

  • It takes less time than you think.
  • Save money by growing your own salad greens and herbs.
  • Reduce your trips to the supermarket or shops. Research shows that Australia’s 14 million shoppers visit the supermarket on average three times per week, plus also frequent specialty stores such as a deli or bakery. 1
  • Grow and eat unusual or heirloom varieties of vegetables
  • Reduce your exposure to chemicals and toxins by growing organically
  • Get outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air
  • The garden is a dynamic learning environment
  • Gain and understand and respect for food production
  • Learn to waste less food by getting creative in the kitchen. Cook your meals based on what you have available to use from the garden; it will always be fresh and seasonal
  • Teach your children how to grow and care for plants. It is a fun an engaging activity you can do as a family
  • Encourage your children to eat a wide variety of vegetables and herbs. A child who has planted, cared for and harvested something in their own garden will want to taste it.
  • Develop an understanding of seasonal produce by eating food when it is abundant, economically priced and at it’s nutritional peak.
  • Add a fresh burst if flavour and nutrients to your meals. Fresh herbs contain a range of antioxidants and vitamins. For example, sage is a good source of vitamins C and A is also rich in potassium, zinc, calcium and iron. 2
  • Meet new people by getting to know other gardeners in your area and your neighbours

It is the start of a wonderful journey.

You can get your copy of Grow Just One Thing at a discounted price for a few more days here and I will post you a signed copy.

Tell me – have you thought about what YOU want to be know for?

If you have what is the thing about you people will talk about when you are no longer around?






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