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Kyrstie Barcak

Hi, my name is Kyrstie(pronounced Kirsty) 

I help and inspire busy mums to create their own kitchen garden and create fresh healthy family meals.

I am the mother of two beautiful boys – 8 years and 5 years old and partner of  “Mr Fresh”. Together we have transformed a neglected suburban backyard into an edible landscape that produces all of our vegetables across the Summer months. In the other months of the year there is produce to collect daily to add to the family meal table.

Cooking and pottering in my vegetable garden are my favorite things to do, after spending time with my boys. I am not an expert in the kitchen, or the garden, but I am obsessed with feeding my family the best possible fresh food, home grown organically in our backyard.  

I am a busy mum with competing priorities. I often feel like I don’t have enough time to get all of the things done that I need to do, let alone any that I would like to do… I understand that all mums are busy and aim to provide practical tips to boost the productivity of your vegetable garden and fresh healthy family meals, quick and easy to make.

My dream is to have all Australian families grow just one thing. In a bid to inspire this action from the community I have written and published a book, Grow Just One Thing – The first step in a fresh food journey. I also created the Kitchen Garden Box, a product to help busy families start their own vegetable garden and the Small Space Garden Kit, for those with limited growing space. The content is tailored to balcony, or container growing

Our vegetable garden consists of 4 raised vegetable garden beds and I am slowly working towards making additional areas of our backyard productive. My 8 year old loves to plant, tend and pick the veggies after watching them grow.  He also enjoys being involved in the cooking of our harvest.  You will find many updates about our garden via the Grow Fresh menu tab.

I hope that  you will enjoy following my progress in the kitchen and the garden.  I hope that you will also try some of my recipes and learn some helpful hints along the way. I throw in a natural Aromatherapy skin care recipe here and there based on my experience as a qualified aromatherapist. 

This blog provides me with an outlet to share my love of a productive garden, seasonal food and family friendly food ideas.  I hope to inspire you to start to grow your own fresh food, if you are not already doing so.  Spend time with your family in the fresh air learning nature’s stories, be inspired to create new family meals from the produce that you have grown. Reduce your supermarket bills and experience the satisfaction, sense of pride and superior flavor of home grown food.

I would love for you to join me and start to grow fresh, cook fresh:

Please join me:

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